Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – March 18th

Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – March 18th

Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – March 18th 150 150 Matt Kenney

On Fridays I like to share experiences I’ve had during the week with patients and in my personal life that I’ve found significant.  I like to share them in hopes that you might find value in them and have something resonate with you in your life.   

Something I am thankful for.  I began doing these 5 Spots about 3 years ago.  I started by emailing them to a few hundred patients and then later, posting them on my website.  My goal was to journal my thoughts in a format that my children could one day refer to.  At the same time, my hope was that people I sent them to, would find value in them as well.  Though the group reading them was small, the feedback was immediately positive.

The other day I was made aware these 5 Spots have been read well over a million times, which shocked me.  It has been fun to see the readership grow throughout the years, and I was humbled by it.  More importantly to me, however, each week I hear from at least one person that tells me something I wrote resonated with them, inspired them, and caused them to take an action.  Combined with the fact that my older sons now read these columns each week on their own, gives me great pride.  I am extremely grateful for all of you that take the time to read these.  Writing this each week has become a big part of my life that I truly enjoy.  Thank you!

A piece of advice I love.  There is a saying I often think to myself and tell others when the situation dictates, “Be a grown up.”  This is a general statement, but it encompasses a lot.  To me, this simple declaration is a reminder of how to do things properly. 

In my opinion, being a grown up means to be responsible, not complain, show up on time, see things through, give appropriate effort, plan, and much more.  Reminding yourself to act like a grown-up will help guide your behavior toward something productive.

A workout I always enjoy.  Anytime we get a snowstorm, I make it a point to go for a run.  Each time I do so, I get odd looks from neighbors and people shoveling driveways or driving past.  To most, running in cold temperatures and bad elements is terrible and foolish, but I like it.

I always enjoy how quiet and serene things are when the snow is coming down and I love when my footprints are the only ones I see.  More importantly, these runs in challenging elements help get me comfortable being uncomfortable.  This fuels my mental resolve and helps me view challenges in a more positive light.  Whether it’s freezing cold, snow, or the hottest days of the year; I like to train in the toughest elements because it helps me become physically and mentally tougher in my daily life.

A concept I like.  We all have things that stress us out.  Work, finances, relationships, words someone said, world events, etc.  I call these things “mental rent.”  Just as you don’t want to pay too much rent for the place you live or work, you want to work at keeping your mental rent low.

For example, if you are unable to pursue a healthy relationship with someone because you are still getting over how badly an ex treated you years ago, you are paying that person a very high mental rent.  Mental rent is important to understand because the more bandwidth you spend on negativity, the less you’ll have to create progress and growth.  If you’re thinking about someone, something, a past event, whatever, ask yourself if it’s worth putting your hard-earned mental rent toward.  

Some quotes I love. 

“The ones who say you can’t and won’t are probably the ones who are scared that you will.” – Zig Ziglar

“Winners are not people who never fail.  They are people that never quit.”

“Success requires commitment, not a miracle.”

“Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don’t so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head.” – Joe Henderson

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