6 Steps for going to the next level

6 Steps for going to the next level

6 Steps for going to the next level 150 150 Matt Kenney

I enjoy reading and listening to people that are successful in endeavors ranging from business to athletics. In particular, I enjoy learning about the lessons that their pursuit of success has taught them. Below are some lessons I think can help anyone go to the next level in their endeavors.

1. Be all in all the time. I’m a huge believer that if you want something to happen, you need to take action and keep the pedal down. Maintain focus, discipline and effort and you’ll be shocked at your results.
2. Play well with others. Many people after about the 2nd grade forget the importance of working well with others. Without exception, the most successful people I meet understand the benefit of teamwork. Co-workers, business contacts, your social circle, people you seek advice from and other such sources are all people you’ll want to work well with for best results.

3. Plan all you want but the enemy gets a vote too. In spite of your best efforts, things will occur that can bring you off course. Accept this as part of the process and learn to adapt and be out of your comfort zone.

4. Go on instinct. Planning is important. However, many people prevent themselves from getting anywhere due to “paralysis by analysis.” Don’t over-complicate it, if you have an idea or a goal, just let it rip and get started because that’s ultimately how progress is made.

5. Stay in your 3 foot space. I read a story recently in which someone learning to rock climb was panicking while suspended hundreds of feet off the ground. As he started looking down and off into the distance, the instructor a few feet away from him said “looking around won’t help you, just stay in your 3 foot space.” This means that in life focus on what is in front of you and what you can control. Everything else is wasted energy and distraction.

6. Make pain your friend. Most people are afraid of pain; however it serves many valuable purposes. Pain helps you change, can make you stronger and helps you seek solutions. As a chiropractor I have helped many people transform their lives and become healthier and more active. A majority of those people initially came to me because pain prompted them to do so.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit www.NewBodyChiro.com, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

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