10 Ways to improve your daily routine

10 Ways to improve your daily routine

10 Ways to improve your daily routine 150 150 Matt Kenney

I’m a big fan of routine. Without fail, successful people all have daily routines that keep them productive and energetic. Today I’d like to share examples of things that can help you immediately in your daily routine:

1. Don’t hit snooze. By waking up early you are controlling the day and not allowing it to control you. As an experiment, wake up 30-60 minutes earlier than normal and watch how much better your day unfolds without the chaos of having things timed down to the second with your kids, commute, etc.

2. Always eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast is like driving your car without gas and is a near certainty to have you wandering the kitchen at night ready to go overboard on bad food. Find something quick and healthy for breakfast each morning to kick start your body. Personally, I, begin every day with a shake containing protein, greens such as spinach, celery and/or kale (they’re tasteless in shakes), fruit and healthy fat such as almond butter.

3. Dress to impress yourself. A big part of confidence comes from how we feel about our own appearance. You don’t need to be in a suit or full makeup to leave the house for coffee but spend enough time so that you feel comfortable and project confidence.

4. Exercise. Working out will not drain your energy, it will only create more. Even a brief workout of some kind will help you stay fit, keep your energy high and help maintain sharper focus.

5. Get pumped up. We all draw inspiration from different things. Regardless of the source however, being motivated and enthusiastic will power you in everything you do. I get a lot of my daily passion from interacting with my sons, reading books and watching Youtube clips.

6. To do lists. Writing things down keeps you accountable. Start each day by jotting down anything you need to get done – things as small as a phone call to something that may take weeks to complete. At the end of the day look back at your list, see what has been crossed off and you’ll know instantly how productive you’ve been.

7. Preparation. Make sure you’re ABSOLUTELY ready for whatever lies ahead of you that day. For example, before leaving the house each day I make sure I have what I need for the gym/running, food to eat and whatever I need for business meetings so that I’m not left bored, hungry or ill-equipped.

8. Prioritize. Tuning out distractions is crucial to success. Pay attention to how much time you spend on things like Facebook or email. Then alter those habits and watch how much more you get done.

9. Connect regularly. The majority of successful people have a trusted network of friends and colleagues they rely upon. A business colleague of mine taught me to have daily “outflows” – messages, notes or follow ups with members of my network. Doing this reminds people they matter to you and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has.

10. Schedule time for yourself. We all need time to decompress. Within each day you should have at least a small period of time where you get to unwind and recharge. This is different for everyone but crucial for us all.

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