10 ways to avoid being “THAT GUY”!

10 ways to avoid being “THAT GUY”!

10 ways to avoid being “THAT GUY”! 150 150 Matt Kenney

In my younger years back in Boston we had a term for someone that behaved in such a way that it ruined the enjoyment of those around them. There was no worse feeling than to have someone tell you after a night out that you had been “that guy” (allegedly this may have been me a time or two). Today, I’ll discuss examples of being “that guy” (or gal) in daily life that you’ll want to avoid – either in yourself or in the company you keep.

1. “Excuse guy.” Nothing is worse than not owning up to your actions. Constantly making excuses for poor performance or bad decisions only makes you seem weak.

2. “Know it all guy.” Knowledge is a great thing and should be shared. However, it’s best given without making others feel wrong. Enlighten people on new information a little at a time on their timetable. That’s the only way they’ll absorb it.

3. “Glory days guy.” My friends and I have a running joke that whenever someone brings up an old high school or college story we yell “Glory days!” and laugh. The point is that whether good or bad, you don’t want to live in the past (though the occasional high school football story is totally fine).

4. “Parade guy.” I use this term to describe a person that takes very little action but in the unlikely event they actually do something, want you to applaud them as if they’re in a parade. Taking action should be its own reward; if you’re only doing something for praise it’s not legitimate action.

5. “No lessons learned guy.” If you’ve done something repeatedly and continue to get the same unfavorable result, it’s time to read the writing on the wall and make some changes.

6. “Maybe guy.” When it comes to commitment you’re either in or you’re out. If you’re going to be in, be in 100% otherwise just say you’re out. People will always respect decisiveness.

7. “One-up guy.” This is a person that can’t be happy for any of your accomplishments. Instead they have to one-up every story you ever tell with something better of their own.

8. “Never reciprocate guy.” This is the person in your personal or business life that you continue to help and show up for. Meanwhile, they’re too busy to ever return the favor.

9. “Poor me guy.” Someone complains constantly about anything and everything epitomizes this guy. Stuff happens and life isn’t fair but it’s like that for all of us and we’re not complaining.

10. “Drama guy.” This person always seems to be in battles with everyone in life. Log on to Facebook anytime and you’ll see numerous examples. It may seem like a great idea to share with everyone why you hate your boyfriend for the sixth time this week but it’s not. Seriously.

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