10 Exercise Rules You Should Follow

10 Exercise Rules You Should Follow

10 Exercise Rules You Should Follow 150 150 Matt Kenney

1. The perfect time to start is…now! If you’re waiting for the ideal time to start working out, it’ll never happen. You’ll be better off and feel much better if you simply start something now.

2. You have time!! There is no debating that many of us have very busy schedules. However, regardless of your schedule there are pockets of time in any day when you can find some way to train.

3. The best place to exercise is…the place you’ll actually show up to. My advice is to select a gym, yoga studio, etc that is close to your home or office so that you’ll be able to get there regularly without a hassle.

4. Start off slow. A classic beginner mistake is to try and make up for lost years by going overboard in the first week of exercise. This results in extreme soreness, decreased motivation and quitting. After a period of inactivity, even mild exercise will create a profound positive change in your body so there’s no need to go too crazy. Think marathon, not sprint.

5. It’s not supposed to hurt. There is a big difference between soreness and pain. Soreness comes when you begin to use muscles in a different way than they’re accustomed, that is normal. Pain is a warning signal your body gives you that something is not working as it should. Soreness can be worked through, pain should be addressed.

6. If you’re in pain, find someone to help you before you begin exercising. Many of my patients come to me in pain and are depressed that they cannot exercise as a result. I always tell them that the first step is to alleviate their pain so that they can begin moving and feeling normal again. Once that is achieved, exercise will be much easier and more effective.

7. Use a variety. In order to maximize the health benefits of exercise, it’s best to have a mix of preferred activities. For example, working out with weights will build strength, running/cycling will improve cardiovascular function and yoga will improve flexibility and core strength. Select different types of exercise and you’ll get great results without becoming bored.

8. Steadily increase your intensity. Your body is an efficient machine. As a result, it will only continue to make progress if you impose increasing demands upon it. Try different things to make your weight workouts, cardiovascular exercise, etc more intense and you’ll notice you progress faster.

9. No workout plan can make up for a terrible diet. There is not enough space to describe what a healthy diet is comprised of. However, just understand that without proper nutrition your body will not achieve maximum benefit from any form of exercise.

10. Train for a reason. Statistically, signing up for even a small race like a 5K leads to greater exercise compliance than anything else. Find an event that interests you, sign up and you’ll be far more driven to exercise consistently.

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