What is cupping? Should I try it?

What is cupping? Should I try it?

What is cupping? Should I try it? 635 632 Matt Kenney

Did you know that 3 minutes of cupping is equal to 15 minutes of deep tissue massage?! It’s true, the muscle tension relief you get after a cupping session is amazing!

Using suction as a form of myofascial release, cupping creates space for the muscles to unwind naturally without “breaking up” the muscle fibers or causing extra inflammation. One of my other favorites aspects of cupping is the increased blood flow. More blood will flow to the areas in need, bringing with it platelets and white blood cells that promote healing. It’s a win win in my mind!

Fire cupping is the traditional Chinese method, but I have chosen a simple hand pump so that I feel in complete control of the pressure and there is no anxiety from the patient around the flame.

Cupping is great for muscle tension, muscle recovery, inflammation, and relaxing the nervous system. Plus you will walk away with marks of honor for a few days!

By Stella Webb, LMT

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