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7 Tips for dealing with tough times

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Difficult times will happen to us all. They can be emotional, physical, job-related, personal or take many other forms. Below are 7 strategies I’ve found effective for dealing with tough times of any kind.

1. Focus on solutions. Unfortunately life is not a linear curve of happiness and successes. There will be times when things will just not go right. Rather than dwelling too much on emotions, think about and focus on solutions.

2. Don’t quit. When facing difficult circumstance there is a temptation to quit or stop giving the same effort. Many great accomplishments are won by attrition – so refuse to stop showing up and giving all you have because you never know when things will suddenly turn in your favor.

3. Remember your why. Tough times are road blocks on the way to fulfilling goals – weight loss, happiness, promotions, sobriety, etc. To prevent yourself from quitting, never forget why you’re going after that goal. One of my most powerful “whys” are my children – as long as the goal involves helping them or being a better role model for them than nothing stops me.

4. Compartmentalize and prioritize. Tough times often involve the buildup of many things happening at once, leading to a daunting feeling of having too much to handle. I find it best to pick the most important task and give it all I have until it’s completed (if possible). During that time I give no thought to the other tasks on my plate because it will only distract my focus and efficiency.

5. Take a time out. When we’re facing difficult circumstances there is a tendency to carry negative feelings with us like baggage. In order to avoid having these feelings overwhelm us, it is important to have some place or some time to get away from them. For me, when I’m with my two sons I refuse to let outside stresses affect our time together. Secondly, I use long runs as a way to clear my head and get away for a while.

6. Focus on a reward. Sometimes the best way to get you through a tough time is to focus on some sort of prize at the end. This past weekend I ran a grueling 31 mile race and was in pain for much of it. To keep me moving forward I focused on how I would enjoy myself after the race – eating a certain food, going to see a movie I’d been dying to see and watching football and relaxing the next day. Rewarding yourself can make enduring tough times easier.

7. Get a new perspective. When we’re feeling overwhelmed our world can feel microscopic. This leads to a limited perspective and too much time in our own heads. I’ve found helpful to have someone I trust to act as a sounding board and then give me an objective opinion. More often than not, their honest feedback helps shift me back into a big picture focus.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney7 Tips for dealing with tough times
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9 Powerful lessons I’ve learned from recent races

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Below are some of my favorite lessons that I’ve learned while competing in various races over the past 5 years that I feel translate well to everyday life.

1. Feed the beast. People that know me know I love this phrase. Within most of us is a desire to compete and an energy that should be directed toward fulfilling a goal. I began competing in serious races in 2011 after not competing in anything for nearly 15 years. After my first race it was like a switch had been flipped and I’d been reborn. That single race helped put me on a path to enormous progress both personally and professionally.

2. Adversity will come, deal with it. Life, much like a competition can throw you curveballs. I did a race years ago that required me to be in 32 degree water for nearly 5 minutes while a snow maker blew snow in my face. I had never been cold like that, it made my brain seem to stop working. It briefly made me almost want to quit before thinking “this will pass, I can get through it.” Whenever things are thrown at me unexpectedly I think back to times like that and it relaxes me because I know I can deal with anything.

3. Stay humble. A couple years ago after a break from competing I entered my first race in Colorado, a local 5K. I went in confident with a lot of serious races under my belt but the combination of hills, altitude, a sprained ankle and getting passed by 12 year olds quickly reminded me to stay humble and not look past anything.

4. Enjoy the process. I’ve done difficult races that have pushed my limits. Even if/when I’m struggling, I always try to enjoy what I’m going through. As a result, I’ve come to believe that the times we cherish most are not when things are easy but when we are battling to find our way or reach a goal.

5. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Last year I ran World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24 hour obstacle course race. At 4:30 in the morning I was in my 18th hour of competing, on no sleep and continuing to battle the affects of hypothermia. As I went out for another lap I ran past a someone enduring all the same conditions as me but running on a prosthetic leg. That reminded me never to feel sorry for myself because someone will always have it tougher.

6. Your mind is powerful. We all give the body great credit for how strong it can be but the mind is far more powerful. I’ve run races where I’ve told myself how great I feel and sure enough I run fast. In rare instances I’ve been hard on myself during a race and inevitably it slows me down. Wherever your mind goes your body will follow so make sure it’s some place great.

7. Make it fun. Last weekend my two sons asked to run a 5K race at ages 5 and 8 respectively. I expected them to walk most of the way due to inexperience and age. Instead, they both ran the entire way and fast. I believe that was because to them it was just fun, there was no pressure or worry. I think that is a good lesson for all of us to not make everything so serious.

8. Find an excuse…to keep going. I have run races where I’ve felt amazing and others where I felt like I was pulling a train. The days when you don’t have “it” are a struggle and will be the times you badly want to quit. Instead of giving up, find an excuse to keep going –any reason at all. You will be amazed at what kind of personal growth that brings you.

9. Live in the present. I ran a race earlier this year that was supposed to be 31 miles. On mile 29 I was informed that due to a mistake the race would instead be 35 miles. I was on fumes at that point but stayed in the present and didn’t let it bother me. Remaining in the presents helps you maintain focus on your goals and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney9 Powerful lessons I’ve learned from recent races
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10 Ways to improve your daily routine

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I’m a big fan of routine. Without fail, successful people all have daily routines that keep them productive and energetic. Today I’d like to share examples of things that can help you immediately in your daily routine:

1. Don’t hit snooze. By waking up early you are controlling the day and not allowing it to control you. As an experiment, wake up 30-60 minutes earlier than normal and watch how much better your day unfolds without the chaos of having things timed down to the second with your kids, commute, etc.

2. Always eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast is like driving your car without gas and is a near certainty to have you wandering the kitchen at night ready to go overboard on bad food. Find something quick and healthy for breakfast each morning to kick start your body. Personally, I, begin every day with a shake containing protein, greens such as spinach, celery and/or kale (they’re tasteless in shakes), fruit and healthy fat such as almond butter.

3. Dress to impress yourself. A big part of confidence comes from how we feel about our own appearance. You don’t need to be in a suit or full makeup to leave the house for coffee but spend enough time so that you feel comfortable and project confidence.

4. Exercise. Working out will not drain your energy, it will only create more. Even a brief workout of some kind will help you stay fit, keep your energy high and help maintain sharper focus.

5. Get pumped up. We all draw inspiration from different things. Regardless of the source however, being motivated and enthusiastic will power you in everything you do. I get a lot of my daily passion from interacting with my sons, reading books and watching Youtube clips.

6. To do lists. Writing things down keeps you accountable. Start each day by jotting down anything you need to get done – things as small as a phone call to something that may take weeks to complete. At the end of the day look back at your list, see what has been crossed off and you’ll know instantly how productive you’ve been.

7. Preparation. Make sure you’re ABSOLUTELY ready for whatever lies ahead of you that day. For example, before leaving the house each day I make sure I have what I need for the gym/running, food to eat and whatever I need for business meetings so that I’m not left bored, hungry or ill-equipped.

8. Prioritize. Tuning out distractions is crucial to success. Pay attention to how much time you spend on things like Facebook or email. Then alter those habits and watch how much more you get done.

9. Connect regularly. The majority of successful people have a trusted network of friends and colleagues they rely upon. A business colleague of mine taught me to have daily “outflows” – messages, notes or follow ups with members of my network. Doing this reminds people they matter to you and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has.

10. Schedule time for yourself. We all need time to decompress. Within each day you should have at least a small period of time where you get to unwind and recharge. This is different for everyone but crucial for us all.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney10 Ways to improve your daily routine
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6 Steps for going to the next level

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I enjoy reading and listening to people that are successful in endeavors ranging from business to athletics. In particular, I enjoy learning about the lessons that their pursuit of success has taught them. Below are some lessons I think can help anyone go to the next level in their endeavors.

1. Be all in all the time. I’m a huge believer that if you want something to happen, you need to take action and keep the pedal down. Maintain focus, discipline and effort and you’ll be shocked at your results.
2. Play well with others. Many people after about the 2nd grade forget the importance of working well with others. Without exception, the most successful people I meet understand the benefit of teamwork. Co-workers, business contacts, your social circle, people you seek advice from and other such sources are all people you’ll want to work well with for best results.

3. Plan all you want but the enemy gets a vote too. In spite of your best efforts, things will occur that can bring you off course. Accept this as part of the process and learn to adapt and be out of your comfort zone.

4. Go on instinct. Planning is important. However, many people prevent themselves from getting anywhere due to “paralysis by analysis.” Don’t over-complicate it, if you have an idea or a goal, just let it rip and get started because that’s ultimately how progress is made.

5. Stay in your 3 foot space. I read a story recently in which someone learning to rock climb was panicking while suspended hundreds of feet off the ground. As he started looking down and off into the distance, the instructor a few feet away from him said “looking around won’t help you, just stay in your 3 foot space.” This means that in life focus on what is in front of you and what you can control. Everything else is wasted energy and distraction.

6. Make pain your friend. Most people are afraid of pain; however it serves many valuable purposes. Pain helps you change, can make you stronger and helps you seek solutions. As a chiropractor I have helped many people transform their lives and become healthier and more active. A majority of those people initially came to me because pain prompted them to do so.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney6 Steps for going to the next level
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The important life lesson my 8 year old can teach you…

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A few weeks ago my son was involved in a minor ski accident during which he hit his head while wearing a helmet. As a precaution for a concussion, he was kept out of activities for 1 week. Near the end of that week he told me how restless he was. Then he said “Daddy, running is my momentum. Playing is my momentum.” I had him explain what he meant and he went on to tell me that essentially those 2 things in particular made him so happy and fulfilled that all other parts of his life were better. I loved it and it got me thinking what forms of “momentum” were most important to me. Below are mine, what are yours?

· My sons. More than anything else in the world, my two sons (8 and 5 years old) motivate me. I always want to achieve more and to set a better example for them.

· Exercise. I cannot imagine life without exercise. I rely on the gym, going out for runs and hiking to keep me charged up, sharp and ready to face anything.

· Races. I love to compete and find that doing so has a carry-over effect to all aspects of my life. Races that take me well out of my comfort zone are my preference because afterwards I’m more accustomed to overcoming adversity. Stretching my boundaries physically makes me far stronger mentally.

· Reading. I read a ton. I find great motivation from different types of books but my favorites are biographies and autobiographies, especially of people that have endured a great deal. A few of my favorites include: Warrior Elite, Unbroken, Lone Survivor, Man’s Search for Meaning and Spartan Up.

· Personal Relationships. From my girlfriend to my oldest friends to my business associates; I’m always motivated by those around me. As people we are a reflection of those we most often associate with. I’m proud to say mine continue to lead me into great directions.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt KenneyThe important life lesson my 8 year old can teach you…
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Still experiencing soreness? Here’s why…

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I’m regularly asked by my patients and friends “why am I sore all the time?”. Below are some of the most common reasons and how to improve them.

1. Lack of sleep. Healing and rebuilding muscle tissue occurs in large part while you sleep. As adults, we need on average about 7-9 hours of sleep per night to allow for the proper secretion of hormones to repair our bodies.

2. Deficiency of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies are akin to trying to drive a car without gas. Common nutrients that lead to soreness when deficient include calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and B vitamins. To help prevent this I recommend eating more foods rich in minerals (green vegetables for example)and supplementing with whole food supplements when necessary.

3. Inflammatory foods. Inflammation causes pain and sadly much of what Americans consume most regularly is very inflammatory to their bodies. Foods that are processed, packaged, high in sugar or contain trans fats are examples of this. Eating more whole foods, fruits, vegetables and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids is a great way to fight inflammation. Supplementing with fish oil or flax seed oils is also helpful.

4. Adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands (stress glands) produce over 50 hormones that help your body handle stress, both physical and mental. Continued adrenal fatigue depletes B vitamins that fuel your nerves leading to prolonged muscle soreness. Reducing caffeine and processed sugar intake as well as managing your mental stress better are great ways to reduce adrenal fatigue and help your muscles recover easier.

5. Over-training. Intense exercise naturally causes soreness. However, if you are training without proper rest you may find that you are sore even while you exercise. This often indicates that you’re training too much and that your muscles aren’t adequately recovering. I have been guilty of this with my training and I’ve found the best way to fight it is to regularly alter the intensity, frequency and amount of exercise that you do.

6. Under-training. The body gets sore in response to stress being applied to the body. If you don’t exercise regularly, the chances are high that you are out of shape and thus anytime you do physical activity you will get sore. Regularly exercising helps your body adapt to physical stress more effectively and as your muscles develop better strength and endurance you will get sore less frequently.

7. Spinal involvement. As a chiropractor I see this on a daily basis. Your spine consists of movable vertebrae that protect your spinal cord as well as the nerve roots that leave from the spinal cord to power the different parts of your body including muscles. If your spine loses its proper alignment (from poor posture, too much sitting, too long staring into a computer screen, falls, sports, etc) than the nerves will become irritated and lose some of their power going into the muscles. Re-aligning the spine removes this interference which leads to greater nerve supply to your muscles and therefore less muscle soreness.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please browse our site, find us on Facebook or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt KenneyStill experiencing soreness? Here’s why…
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7 Uncommon Tips for Success

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1. Do what you hate…sometimes. Often the thing we dread doing most brings us the most benefit. Staring down the things we fear doing is challenging but ultimately leaves us better prepared for success.

2. Scare yourself. Comfort zones are nice but many of the greatest things in life lie just outside of that zone. Regularly challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone and you’ll notice what you once saw as difficult or impossible no longer is.

3. Find motivation. Spending too much time in our own heads detracts from all the great stuff around us. If you take the time to notice, there will be motivation everywhere that you can use to fuel yourself. I regularly see stories online, read books and meet people that motivate me in every aspect of my life.

4. Stay committed. As I mentioned above, motivation is a wonderful thing. However, once motivation runs out only commitment remains. Commitment requires a vision of where you want to go, why and what you’re willing to sacrifice to get there.

5. Push further. I am a big proponent of trying to push your boundaries so far that it changes what you view as normal. It often only takes one more bit of effort to turn the corner into a whole new level of success.

6. Forget the past. Our past has a tendency to either create complacency or sadness. That is why it’s crucial to focus on the present and future if we want to succeed.

7. Suit up and show up. In life, sometimes the toughest part is just showing up and moving forward after things have gotten difficult. There are athletes, businesses and people from every walk of life that win by attrition, refusing to quit when everyone else does.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please browse our site, find us on Facebook or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney7 Uncommon Tips for Success
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Use these tips to improve your health within 1 month

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1. Choose an unhealthy food or drink you regularly consume and cut it down to at least 50% within 30 days. This will create physical results and discipline.

2. Learn to cook and prepare at least 2 healthy meals. Simple recipes are perfect and an easy way to begin eating better.

3. Don’t skip breakfast. If you start the day with breakfast you’ll have greater energy and be less prone to overeating at night.

4. Increase your water intake. Whatever you’re ingesting now, shoot for at least 1/3 more.

5. Take a good multivitamin. The best multivitamins are food-based (come from food), the worst kinds are synthetic and will be sold in drug stores for the same price you pay for coffee.

6. If you’re currently exercising, increase your intensity. Upping the intensity prevents stagnation and leads to faster results.

7. If you’re not working out, start performing exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes per session. If you don’t move it, you’ll lose it.

8. Complain less. Whining, complaining and fighting on Facebook are all examples of directing your energy toward negativity instead of results.

9. Listen more. Most people are great at talking, learn to listen more and you’ll be shocked at what you can achieve as a result.

10. Schedule an appointment to improve your health within 30 days. For example, visit a chiropractor or personal trainer.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please browse our website, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt KenneyUse these tips to improve your health within 1 month
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7 Tips for more successful New Year’s resolutions

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Today I’d like to share some of my tips for making better New Year’s resolutions:

1. Keep it simple. Rather than making a series of resolutions that you won’t keep, make 1 or 2 (preferably just one) that you can focus on.

2. Be original. Don’t feel you have to copy the resolutions of others. Select something that is important and specific to you.

3. Understand your “why.” A crucial part of any goal is your reason for wanting to achieve it. The more specific you are and the more often you think of those reasons, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.

4. Write your goal(s) down. Statistically any goal that is written down has a far greater chance of success than those that are not.

5. Create action steps. Once you’ve set a general goal it is important to have a series of action steps in place to achieve that goal. For example, if weight loss is your goal than your action steps may involve making it to the gym a certain number of times each week, eating more of a certain healthy food or eating/drinking less of certain unhealthy food on a daily basis.

6. Tell others about your goals. Making others aware of your goals is a good way to keep yourself more accountable. You’ll be far less likely to quit when people are regularly inquiring about your progress.

7. Reward yourself. Resolutions should not be punishment, as you start to make progress it’s okto reward your hard work. For example, when I help people with nutrition I often tell them that if they eat healthy throughout the week it’s alright to indulge in 1-2 bad meals as a reward. Creating incentives like this leads to greater success.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information and regular updates please find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center).

Matt Kenney7 Tips for more successful New Year’s resolutions
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7 Myths about pain I hear daily

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As a chiropractor I deal with pain on a daily basis. Today I’d like to dispel some of the most common myths I hear from patients regarding pain.

Myth #1: Pain happens because of age. While we certainly heal faster and recover quicker at a younger age, your body does not produce pain in response to your latest birthday milestone.

Myth #2: Pain can has to be either nerve, muscular OR bone related (structural). Your spine protects the nerves that power all of your muscles. In other words, these 3 components are all in such close proximity that what affects one will usually affect the others.

Myth #3: Soreness is the same as pain. Soreness is a sign you’ve placed new or greater stresses upon your body and the effects are usually short lived (1-2 days). For example, returning to physical activity after a long layoff often produces soreness. Pain on the other hand could be something such as a muscle spasm that takes your breath away or a shooting pain down your arm or leg. Unlike soreness, pain will usually cause problems with your activities of daily life and will not usually go away quickly.

Myth #4: If you’re pain-free, you’re healthy. Pain is a symptom, and symptoms are messages from your body that something is amiss. The problem is that symptoms often take months or years to finally present themselves. For example, the first outward symptom of heart disease is often an actual heart attack. Therefore, the absence of pain unfortunately is not a reliable indicator of your overall health.

Myth #5: Only “serious” injuries cause pain. Injuries such as broken bones or diseases like cancer can obviously cause pain, however the amount of pain felt is not proportional to the severity of your condition. In fact, the patients I often encounter in the most severe pain are usually suffering from basic musculoskeletal issues.

Myth #6: You just have to live with pain. In nearly every case, (with proper treatment) there is something that can be done to at least minimize the amount of pain a person is in. Over the years I’ve had many patients that believed they’d have to suffer for life become pain-free, sometimes even after a single visit!

Myth #7: Only wimps go to a doctor for pain. It’s not necessary to get in a car and drive to a medical facility anytime you don’t feel completely 100%. However, there’s no shame in enlisting the help of a specialist to help you correct an issue. I regularly encounter patients that “sucked it up”, continued living in pain and avoided seeing a doctor for years (probably all while driving their friends and family crazy). Without exception, once these people start receiving the appropriate care they all tell me “I wish I’d just come in sooner.”

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please browse our website, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney7 Myths about pain I hear daily
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