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Want to be successful? Then ask yourself these 5 simple questions (that I’ve learned from books, life and pro wrestling)

We all define and envision success differently. I believe it’s simply about progressing toward the things we want most in life more so than any certain dollar figure or status. Today I’d like to share 5 questions I think we need to ask ourselves in order to be successful.

1. Will it make the boat go faster? There is a book with this title about an Olympic rowing team determined to win gold. They were so focused on their goal that in the lead up to the games they would ask themselves this question before anything they did – what they ate, how they trained, how they spent their time, etc. If it helped them toward their goal they did it, if not they didn’t. Use this same mentality for your own goals – pursue only the things that will guide you toward what you want.

2. Are you singing it or bringing it? People that are constantly talking a good game, avoiding action, procrastinating and making excuses are examples of “singing it.” These people are usually mostly interested in making themselves feel better rather than achieving a goal. Conversely, those that are focused on taking action, coming up with new ideas and making things happen are full of substance. They’re “bringing it” because they’re focused on getting somewhere. Regardless of what you’re after – don’t sing it, bring it.

3. What can be thrown overboard? As humans we create excuses for ourselves – we’re too old, too fat, too tired, too broke, whatever. Sadly, it’s often these excuses that prevent us from making progress. Figure out your 3 most common excuses and then get rid of them so that you stop halting your own progress. You’ll be amazed at what will follow.

4. Am I going pro or staying amateur? A business man I respect greatly always says “school is never out for the pro.” This means that if you’re truly hungry for something you will continue to learn everything you can about it. That knowledge helps you to continuously improve. An amateur on the other hand fails to do the work and simply hopes good things will happen.

5. Am I taking enough chances? Throughout history, many of the most successful people have had to go against the crowd and take risks in order to achieve their dreams. There is a time and place for playing it safe but if you’re after something big, you’ll need to get comfortable with taking some swings, some of which will miss. The person with the most guts does not always win but the person with none never does.

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Matt KenneyWant to be successful? Then ask yourself these 5 simple questions (that I’ve learned from books, life and pro wrestling)

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