The important life lesson my 8 year old can teach you…

The important life lesson my 8 year old can teach you…

The important life lesson my 8 year old can teach you… 150 150 Matt Kenney

A few weeks ago my son was involved in a minor ski accident during which he hit his head while wearing a helmet. As a precaution for a concussion, he was kept out of activities for 1 week. Near the end of that week he told me how restless he was. Then he said “Daddy, running is my momentum. Playing is my momentum.” I had him explain what he meant and he went on to tell me that essentially those 2 things in particular made him so happy and fulfilled that all other parts of his life were better. I loved it and it got me thinking what forms of “momentum” were most important to me. Below are mine, what are yours?

· My sons. More than anything else in the world, my two sons (8 and 5 years old) motivate me. I always want to achieve more and to set a better example for them.

· Exercise. I cannot imagine life without exercise. I rely on the gym, going out for runs and hiking to keep me charged up, sharp and ready to face anything.

· Races. I love to compete and find that doing so has a carry-over effect to all aspects of my life. Races that take me well out of my comfort zone are my preference because afterwards I’m more accustomed to overcoming adversity. Stretching my boundaries physically makes me far stronger mentally.

· Reading. I read a ton. I find great motivation from different types of books but my favorites are biographies and autobiographies, especially of people that have endured a great deal. A few of my favorites include: Warrior Elite, Unbroken, Lone Survivor, Man’s Search for Meaning and Spartan Up.

· Personal Relationships. From my girlfriend to my oldest friends to my business associates; I’m always motivated by those around me. As people we are a reflection of those we most often associate with. I’m proud to say mine continue to lead me into great directions.

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