Ermin M

Ermin M 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is plain and simple just amazing, had a lot of issues with my Sciatic area and after a few visits with Dr. Kenney and a few correction of my spine, I have been pain free. He truly is just amazing.

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Ted B.

Ted B. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I am heading over to New Body this morning, amazing customer service is a given here but this chiropractor I trust. Last night I somehow put my neck completely out of line, almost went to the ER but made it through a rough night knowing that there is solution if he’d see me, which I’m…

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Chris G.

Chris G. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

The entire team at New Body is outstanding! Dr. Kenney works magic on my back and neck every time I come in, and by the time I’m at work the next morning the pain or twinge I had been feeling is gone! Also, I would be doing you a terrible disservice if I didn’t tell…

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Giovanni G.

Giovanni G. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I have been seeing Dr. Matt Kenney on an as-needed basis for almost two years. On my first visit he took an x-ray and used some computer equipment to analyze my spine and find the cause of my pain. I was impressed, as I’ve known other chiropractors who just dive in and start adjusting without…

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Jason W

Jason W 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is phenomenal! I have used him for lower back pain and hip pain. Very knowledgeable and a genuine desire to help any way he can. Listens extremely well and gives you the time to talk about your concerns.

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Jody A.

Jody A. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is amazing! I have tried everything possible short of back surgery for my bulging discs and spinal stenosis. I have had a handful of adjustments with Dr. Kenney and I am feeling so much better. I have been able to stop taking a prescription that was helping the pain, but had bad side…

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Liz C.

Liz C. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

New Body is a great practice and close to my home. I always go to Dr. Kenney, he has helped me so much. They are always willing to see me, even at the last minute. And they are very flexible, once I had to reschedule an appointment 5 times, and they made it work! I…

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Christopher M.

Christopher M. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Matt Kenney did a great job adjusting my neck, back, wrists, and hips. I didn’t know I was out of alignment until I felt so much better after the adjustment. Dr. Kenney also gave me stretches and exercises to do at home to make the benefit of each adjustment last. That’s great service!

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Jennifer R.

Jennifer R. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I have lived with morning headaches and the need to crack my neck for several years. I have tried typical stress relief options such as massage and yoga which helped but never took the discomfort away. After meeting Dr. Kenney and hearing him explain how Chiropractic work may help I decided to give it a…

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Julia R B

Julia R B 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr Kenney is the best. He’s helped me with my postpartum back pain, neck pain, and headaches. An added bonus is that I can bring my kids with me to the appointment- there is a kids room! And he’s even adjusted them both. I highly recommend him.

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