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Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – October 20th

Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot

On Fridays I like to share experiences I’ve had during the week with patients and in my personal life that I’ve found significant.  I like to share them in hopes that you might find value in them and have something resonate with you in your life.  

An important lesson I have learned.  Most of you know that I have competed in multiple 100-mile runs.  These races require a slow guy like me to be on my feet for more than a full day continuously.  Throughout the race there will be aid stations with volunteers encouraging you and offering everything from fluids to pancakes and bacon.  When I reach these aid stations I eat, refill my supplies, share a laugh, then head back out.  It may only take 5 minutes, but it energizes me whether I am 7 miles into a race or 95. 

The lesson is that even during a major challenge, there are moments that offer a ray of hope and encouragement.  Those times do not mean you have reached your goal, but they are important and should be enjoyed.  Last Saturday we left one of my son’s football games and he scored an amazing touchdown and played great.  We came home as a family and had a nice dinner with lots of laughs and smiles.  To me, that is an aid station in life.  It doesn’t mean things will never be challenging again, but those moments energize me like nothing else and keep me going.   Celebrate the small victories regardless of where you’re at, they are pointing you in the right direction.

Something I believe.  Most of us would love to be in better shape, have more money, improve certain relationships, have less stress, and the like.  Often, we hyper-focus on one thing and think that if that goal were to come to fruition, our lives would be bliss.  For example, if we had a certain amount of money, six pack abs, or a loving partner, everything would be perfect.  While those things may be helpful and wonderful, there is a better way to approach things.

My belief is that whatever the goal, the best method is to start by working on ourselves.  When I got divorced a decade ago, my self-esteem was low, I was broken, was starting from scratch in my career, and was anxious about being a single dad.  I saw no perfect path to solving all these issues instantly so I began to simply try and become a better man in every aspect I could.  I exercised more, studied business more, focused more with each adjustment I performed, was more present with my children, and many others.  Slowly I began to feel better about who I was.  Within a few years of that period, I was married to the woman of my dreams, had amazing relationships with my sons (with another on the way at that time), owned two businesses, and was saving money for a new home.  The only reason that was possible was because I worked on me rather than just hoping one thing would change my life.  If you make creating a better you the goal, you will find successes in areas you never expected.

Something I follow.  When one of my children falls or hurts themselves, I tell them to “take a deep breath and drink it in.”  I do this because many times, it is the fear of the pain that is worse than the actual discomfort.  The act of breathing in is meant to reduce anxiety and refocus the mind while the “drink it in” is a reminder that what is being felt can be overcome if we relax and face it.  This works with far more than just injuries.

Have you ever had a bill you didn’t want to open, a call you dreaded making, or a task you were too anxious to pursue? We all have.  In those instances, it is the fear of what may happen that paralyzes us.  Thus, we do nothing which is ineffective and counterproductive.  Instead of doing so, it is far better to simply take a deep breath, remind ourselves we can handle it, then proceed.  Next time you’re faced with a challenge that scares you, take a deep breath, drink it in, then get after it.

A story I love to tell.  Five years ago, my oldest son was 12 years old and selected by his school to attend a week-long leadership conference at DU.  He was staying in a dormitory with other kids from around Colorado and attending classes and activities all week.  My youngest son happened to be born that week, so I picked my oldest up and brought him to meet his brother.  He was gone for the night and when he returned, another boy had stolen a lot of his food from his drawers. 

Rather than tell an instructor or call his parents crying, my son confronted that boy in front of everyone.  He asked for his food back and when that was not possible (it was eaten), my son set a price and demanded payment, which he received.  I could not tell you two things my son learned at that conference, but that act told me everything I needed to know about his leadership abilities.  When faced with an uncomfortable situation, the best leaders display guts, step up, take charge, and demand results.  I was extremely proud that my son displayed those qualities (and continues to do so)!

Some quotes I Iove.

“Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

“There is never any need to get worked up about things you can’t control.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think.”  Margaret Mead

“First, it is an intention.  Then a behavior.  Then a habit.  Then a practice.  Then second nature.  Then it is simply who you are.” – Brendon Burchard

Matt KenneyDr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – October 20th
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Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – June 30th

Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot

On Fridays I like to share experiences I’ve had during the week with patients and in my personal life that I’ve found significant.  I like to share them in hopes that you might find value in them and have something resonate with you in your life.  

An incredible experience.  Last week, my oldest son got his license and on Thursday he picked me up so we could grab his brother from football practice and grab some dinner.  It was raining as he drove but within one or two minutes, it morphed into the craziest weather and driving conditions I have ever witnessed.  As it turned out, we were driving less than a ½ mile from the tornado and were enduring over 100 mph winds, torrential rain, hail, minimal visibility, downed trees, and debris being thrown all around us.   We had no choice but to continue driving, so I calmly began giving my son instructions on exactly what to do.  He remained completely calm and after about 4 miles, we found a spot where we could pull over and I took over driving.  My son in the backseat was freaked out but my oldest son and I were excited, full of adrenaline, and high fiving! 

Something I have learned throughout my life is that the worst thing you can do in an intense situation is panic.  If I had freaked out, my son would have as well, and we would have been in even more danger.  The best thing to do in a crisis is to take a breath and begin with the first necessary step.  Once that happens, you move on to the next, and so on.  Keeping focused on the tasks helps avoid a spiraling of emotions that leads to wasted energy and time.  My son stayed as cool as could be in a stressful situation and I’m certain he will carry that lesson with him forever. 

Something important.  There is a saying that if you spend enough time in a library, you will eventually read a book.  I believe this same principle has applications to daily life as well.  Specifically, if you hear things from those around you long enough, you will eventually believe them.  When people tell you how terrible you are, you will believe them after a point.  Conversely, when people build you up, you are likely to gain confidence and feel you can accomplish great things.

For that reason, it is crucial to be careful of who you let into your life, inner circle, and head space.  You will never be able to completely avoid negative people.  However, the discipline is to learn to not let those people in too close where they can convince you that you’re less than you are.  The people you want around are those that value similar principles as you, have morals, are not threatened by your success, and build your confidence. 

A recent reminder.  Last weekend I was sitting at my son’s football practice and talking to my-longtime assistant coach (our sons have now moved up to a new league that we don’t coach in).   We were discussing a heartbreaking loss we had in the playoffs several years ago and how we should have won the title that year.  Then we went on to discuss how great it was to win consecutive titles over the past two seasons and see our players blossom like they have.  The interesting part was that we both agreed that had we won that heartbreaking game a few years back, we probably would not have kept coaching.

That win would have felt like a good ending point for our team and most likely we all would have gone our separate ways and played/coached in different leagues.  However, the loss kept us together, gave us a reason to return, and made us hungrier.  Ultimately, that made us work harder to become better coaches, players, and teammates.  This was a reminder of how important losses in life can be.  They never feel good, but they cause us to alter our approach, get stronger, increase our efforts, and so much more.  It can be argued that in the end, the losses make us far stronger than the wins.  If you have suffered a setback, allow it to strengthen you and understand it will help you somehow down the line.

Something I think everyone should know.  I hear from patients and friends all the time that are going through challenges.  These can be in relationships, business, mental, physical, and so much more.  Sometimes they’ll comment that they don’t know why it’s happening to them.  The simple answer is because it happens to all of us.  Therefore, I believe two things must happen. 

First, you must expect that you will face adversity.  It’s not personal, but it will inevitably happen so expect a fight in some fashion.  Second, since you’re expecting a fight, you should prepare accordingly.  This means creating the strongest body and mind you possibly can.  Personally, I utilize exercise, difficult races, mentally dauting tasks, nutrition, family time, and faith to build myself into a form where I feel confident I can face anything.  Certainly, I hope everything will go smoothly, but if it doesn’t; I won’t be surprised or unprepared. 

Some quotes I love.

“The quickest way to succeed is to start now and figure it out as you go.  You can’t learn to drive in a parked car.”

“If you want to be successful, you need to be bad, then you need to be good.  Then when you’re good, you need to fail.  And then when you fail, you’re going to figure it out.” – Nikola Jokic

“You should not honor men more than truth.” – Plato

Matt KenneyDr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – June 30th
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Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – February 25th

On Fridays I like to share experiences I’ve had during the week with patients and in my personal life that I’ve found significant.  I like to share them in hopes that you might find value in them and have something resonate with you in your life.   

An important concept.  “Why does this keep happening?”  This is a question I get often from patients regarding a recurring issue such as back pain.  In terms of your spine there are many variables, but the ultimate answer is usually that the person has not changed their behavior.  This is an important concept in chiropractic but even more so in life.

If you are receiving a result that you don’t like but making no effort to get a different outcome, you are earning that result.  We can’t always know instantly what the solution to a problem may be.  However, one certainty is that repeating the same behavior will create the same result.  If you want to change the outcome, focus on what leads you there and make choices according to what you’d like to see happen.  As simple as this is, people often focus too much on what is happening to them and not enough on how much power they have to change it.

A story I love to tell.  About 6 years ago, my oldest son (who was nine at the time) and I ran a race together.  It was an 8-mile run that we’d picked out ahead of time as something that would challenge him.  The race took place in April and 2 days before the race we got about a foot of snow.  The race was still able to be held but the course was snow-covered and temperatures in the single digits. 

As we arrived at the race, we saw many people simply turn around and go home.  They decided it was too cold, they didn’t want to run through snow, and called it a day.  My son and I stayed and ran the race.  He never complained and in a race of hundreds of people, he finished third in his age group of 19 years and younger.

Did he take third place because he ran so fast?  No, because honestly, he did not.  He took third place out of three people.  Dozens signed up within his division but only he and two others showed up to run. My son took third because he suited up, showed up, and persevered. 

This is a powerful and teachable lesson.  We cannot always rely on talent, skill, or good fortune to succeed.  Sometimes the difference between success and failure is having the guts to show up and keep going when others will not.  Also, difficult conditions often present great opportunities for those willing to seize them. 

Something I heard and loved.  I was watching a motivational video on YouTube by Eric Thomas, and he said, “You can’t just have energy when you have energy.”  This resonated with me.  To me, this is all about maintaining your level of exertion when your body and mind are telling you it’s ok to rest. 

When I run, I don’t find out what I’m made of until the wheels fall off the bus and I’m exhausted, in pain, and/or facing more miles still to go.  During a workout, the reps that really matter are the ones I struggle to barely get when my muscles feel like they want to give out.  Many of my best moments with my children are when I find just a little bit more energy to play with them when I am exhausted after a long day.  Many of my best adjustments are those that I’ve fit into a hectic schedule when I didn’t feel like I had the juice to do another.

The point I took from Eric’s great quote is that the ultimate test is how you’ll behave when you have little to nothing left.  Everyone succeeds when things are good, and their tank is full.  The special people succeed when they’re exhausted and at less than 100%!

Something I have found to be true.  When we are facing challenges be it physical and/or mental, things can get rough. Sometimes we feel we are making little progress and the task can seem insurmountable.  What I have learned challenging myself physically and mentally through my workouts, habits, competitions, and more is the cardinal sin you can make is to whine, complain, or tell yourself or others how difficult something is and how hard it will be to complete. 

When you take a tough situation and add negativity to it, things will instantly shift from difficult to impossible.  Complaining also causes collateral damage by affecting everyone around it.  When you complain, you take someone near you off their track and make it tougher on them.

I talked with a long-time patient of mine this week going through another bout of cancer.  As he caught me up on what was going on with his health, I commended him on how positively he has dealt with everything.  He told me he didn’t see any other way to go through difficult times other than taking it one step at a time and as positively as possible.  If he were not this way, his tough situation would be exponentially worse. We cannot always control what we go through, but we do have the power to make it better by focusing on how we go through it.

Some quotes I love.

“Every man dies, not every man lives.” – William Wallace

“Don’t expect front row seats if you’re giving nosebleed effort.” – Eric Thomas

“The most unconscionable acts in human history were conducted by those ‘just following orders.’” – Tim Kennedy

“There are only two options:  1.  Make Progress.  2.  Make excuses.” – Mark Devine

“When one has nothing to lose, one becomes courageous.  We are timid only when there is something we can still cling to.” – Ian Smith

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Matt KenneyDr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – February 25th
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Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – September 10th

Dr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot

On Fridays I like to share some of the experiences I’ve had during the week with patients and in my personal life that I’ve found significant in some way.  I like to share them in hopes that you might find value in them and have something resonate with you in your life. 

Something cool.  I mentioned last week in my 5 Spot that after his first freshmen game in which he played almost every play; my son went back to the football fields two hours later to practice with a teammate that did not get to play much.  They both wanted to improve and see better results in the next game.  In their second game last Saturday, my son caught an 80-yard touchdown pass thrown to him by that teammate.

Obviously as a dad I was ecstatic because it was my son.  Even more than that, however, was the fact that those young men put in extra time and saw it pay off almost immediately.  This is a valuable lesson.  The more intensity and work you put into something, the more likely you are to be rewarded.

Something I loved.  My wife had seen on social media recently about some young children that had showed courage in some of their actions.  For space purposes, I won’t go into all the specifics, however they demonstrated strong will, set a worthy example for their peers and stood out among the crowd.  As a result, my wife was motivated to reach out to their parents so she could then send them all individual cards with a nice note and gift card inside.  Obviously, the parents were thrilled and happy to do so.

What I loved was that the parents all sent back videos of their children opening and reading these cards.  Without exception, they were proud and honored that an adult took the time to praise them.  Courage is contagious and must always be encouraged.  Also, strong confident children can become even more so as adults and grow into amazing examples and leaders!

An important business principle.  I teach young chiropractors and/or business owners that I believe a business is like a boat powered by 2 engines.  The first engine is the heart of the business.  This is the love, compassion and care that is put into it.  In my case, this would entail how much energy I put into treating my patients and the strong desire to get them well and allow them to live better lives.  The other engine is the actual business side.  This involves all the processes of the business, evaluating numbers, and so forth. 

When someone cares a ton but pays no mind to the numbers, the boat goes in circles.  When numbers are the only focus and no heart is placed into the business, the boat will also go awry.  Only when an equal emphasis is given to both can the business truly thrive.  I believe this is true in business and in life – always stay true to your purpose while making sound decisions that allow you to do it to the best of your abilities. 

Something I enjoyed.  My wife works for a company called Warrior Fit which is a comprehensive program that helps people with nutrition and exercise.  As part of their program, they have guest speakers that talk on a variety of topics.  I was asked to speak about some of the lessons I’ve taken from my competitions and training as well as how my passion has developed.  I haven’t done any public speaking in quite some time and had never even been on a Zoom call, so it was going to be a different experience.

On Tuesday evening, I did my presentation and loved doing so.  Deciding what I wanted to share, organizing my material, practicing, and then delivering it were all a blast for me.  I mentioned to the attendees that I physically take myself out of my comfort zone often but an event like this was a great way for me to do so in a non-physical way.  I always enjoy having some upcoming challenge on my calendar to look toward and prepare for.

For those interested, the link to my talk is below.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: #@!aOZR1

Some quotes I love.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism.  Do nothing.  Be nothing.  Say nothing.” – Aristotle

” You can’t repeat the same things blindly and expect to become exceptional.  Habits are necessary, but not sufficient for mastery.  What you need is a combination of automatic habits and deliberate practice.” – Joe DeSena

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because the don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Frederich Nietzsche

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Matt KenneyDr. Kenney’s Friday 5 Spot – September 10th
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6 Reasons to challenge yourself

Later this week I’ll compete in an ultra marathon, one of my most challenging events yet to date. As the race approaches, it has gotten me thinking about why I like to compete and why I think it’s beneficial for others to do so – whether it’s a small local event or something much tougher. Today I’ll highlight 6 reasons you should consider signing up for something in the future.

1. Everyone needs a goal. Having a goal is good but having an actual date on the calendar you need to be ready for is even better because it will keep you from slacking.

About a year ago after not running longer than 3 miles or competing in any races for 2 years I went on a 7 mile trail run. Within 3 days of that run I had signed up for 3 races including a 24 hour event. I realized on that run how badly I missed having a goal to shoot for.

2. Begin down a healthier path. Once you sign up for an event you’ll notice you’re more willing to make healthier changes. These may include changing how you eat and drink, how you think, ridding yourself of bad habits, committing to getting out of pain or any number of other things. Many of the most profound changes start with a simple catalyst.

I’ve been studying exercise, nutrition and better ways to care for the human body for a long time and some of the most valuable information I’ve obtained came while preparing for an event.

3. Raises training intensity. Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or are an Olympic hopeful, having something to train for will instantly make your workouts more intense and beneficial.

I’ve had many days where I only feel like running or training for a short time and want to call it an early day. However, with an event looming I always find the will to keep going because every workout seems to matter more.

4. Inspire others. Everyday people don’t often think of themselves as inspirational however it’s likely that many of your friends, family and co-workers will identify more with you than anyone else. Enter an event and I promise you that you’ll motivate someone else to do the same.

A big inspiration for me is seeing how excited my children get when I finish an event and the questions they ask me about it. Setting an example for them is important to me.

5. Stretch your comfort zone. Competing in a strenuous event (that term is relative to the individual) forces you to face adversity both mentally and physically. Successfully dealing with that adversity during a race will carry over into your everyday life and make you more adept at handling challenges.

Being cold, tired and uncomfortable in my races has made me more comfortable whenever I encounter obstacles in my personal or business life which has made a tremendous difference for me.

6. Sense of accomplishment. Confidence is king. One thing that can quickly build confidence is accomplishing a goal. Signing up for a race or event (especially one out of your comfort zone) and then completing it will create confidence and momentum in other aspects of your life.

Calling upon recent athletic successes continues to make me confident and leads me to achieve loftier goals in my personal and business endeavors.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney6 Reasons to challenge yourself
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7 Uncommon Tips for Success

1. Do what you hate…sometimes. Often the thing we dread doing most brings us the most benefit. Staring down the things we fear doing is challenging but ultimately leaves us better prepared for success.

2. Scare yourself. Comfort zones are nice but many of the greatest things in life lie just outside of that zone. Regularly challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone and you’ll notice what you once saw as difficult or impossible no longer is.

3. Find motivation. Spending too much time in our own heads detracts from all the great stuff around us. If you take the time to notice, there will be motivation everywhere that you can use to fuel yourself. I regularly see stories online, read books and meet people that motivate me in every aspect of my life.

4. Stay committed. As I mentioned above, motivation is a wonderful thing. However, once motivation runs out only commitment remains. Commitment requires a vision of where you want to go, why and what you’re willing to sacrifice to get there.

5. Push further. I am a big proponent of trying to push your boundaries so far that it changes what you view as normal. It often only takes one more bit of effort to turn the corner into a whole new level of success.

6. Forget the past. Our past has a tendency to either create complacency or sadness. That is why it’s crucial to focus on the present and future if we want to succeed.

7. Suit up and show up. In life, sometimes the toughest part is just showing up and moving forward after things have gotten difficult. There are athletes, businesses and people from every walk of life that win by attrition, refusing to quit when everyone else does.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please browse our site, find us on Facebook or call (303) 347-9906.

Matt Kenney7 Uncommon Tips for Success
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4 Quotes that continue to inspire me in my daily life

I am a huge fan of using quotes for inspiration to help me achieve greater happiness and success within my personal life, business and athletic endeavors. Today I’d like to share 4 quotes that continue to inspire me and why.

1. “Action expresses priority”. This is a quote from Ghandi I ran across years ago that I think of often. I don’t care what you are trying to achieve – whether it’s making more money, being more competitive in a sport or landing a date with a pretty girl; it will take action. Ultimately the effort you apply to your goal will determine whether or not you succeed. If you really want something, begin laying out the steps necessary to attain it and then start making it happen!

2. “Don’t let a win get to your head or a loss to your heart”. Like most people, I’ve had some enormous victories in my life as well as some extremely low points. This quote is my reminder to try and always keep myself on an even keel. When things are going very well for me I’ve learned to appreciate those blessings but never to be arrogant or selfish about those successes. Conversely, if I encounter difficulties I don’t feel sorry for myself or act as if they’ll continue forever; I just accept that it’s part of a cycle and move forward. Being able to enjoy good things and deal with the bad things without changing who you are as a person is extremely valuable.

3. “Run when you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to; just never quit”. I think of this quote often while out on long runs or during grueling workouts. Aside from the motivation it provides to me physically however, I also feel that it applies to everyday life. There are times when life does “run” along in amazing fashion – new jobs, bigger raises, new relationships, etc. Sometimes our life proceeds more like a “walk” and brings a mix of good and bad. Finally, there are times when we feel like we’re “crawling” through difficulties such as losing a job, divorce or the loss of a loved one. This quote helps remind me to enjoy my life and maximize my opportunities while realizing that at times things may slow down or even become extremely difficult. Regardless of where I’m at in those phases I maintain a focus on the big picture and keep moving forward, refusing to ever be beaten or to give up.

4. “All the money in the world can’t buy back good health”. As a chiropractor I see a variety of people every day spread throughout the spectrum of health; from excellent to terrible. The constant among those in excellent health is that they are always proactive in their decisions and happy with their results. Conversely, those with poor health are often regretful at the poor choices they’ve made and where it has landed them. This quote reminds me to always strive for great health because when it’s gone it can be difficult or often impossible to recapture. In order to maximize my health and the enjoyment it brings to all aspects of life I will always strive to eat well, think well, exercise and continue the holistic care that has served me so well for so many years (chiropractic, acupuncture and massage mainly). Knowing how successful this formula can be I also recommend my patients do the same for themselves.

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Matt Kenney4 Quotes that continue to inspire me in my daily life
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