Can my doctor really help me?

Can my doctor really help me?

Can my doctor really help me? 150 150 Matt Kenney

by Dr Matt Kenny,

“I have this pain in my (insert body part or area); can you fix that for me?” As a chiropractor this is the most common question that I hear.

Whether at a wedding, sporting event or birthday party, typically people are very open about sharing their health history and seeking advice. The truth is that Chiropractic is extremely successful with helping to resolve a variety of pain issues but without knowing a person’s health history and performing an examination and diagnostic testing (if necessary) I cannot say for certain if I can help someone. That’s why I’ve developed an effective 3-tiered system for evaluating patients when they first come to my office so that by the time they leave they are aware of exactly what is going on with their body and how I can help.

First, I begin by having patients answer a series of questions about how they’re feeling, past injuries or surgeries and their health in general. This creates an initial outline of what is going on with that particular patient. Next, I perform a thorough examination. I like to check ranges of motion and posture, feel the spine and muscles and perform baseline orthopedic and neurological testing. This takes that initial outline and further focuses in on the cause of the problem. Third, I perform diagnostic testing. In my office I offer non-invasive, computerized nerve testing as well as digital x-rays (though not every patient requires both). Both technologies are cutting edge and allow me to receive the results immediately. I combine these findings with the history and exam to clearly (and simply) explain to the patient exactly what is going on with their body, whether I feel chiropractic can help and if so, the specific treatments that I can provide to benefit them most.

After explaining my findings to the patient and answering questions I like to begin immediately treating the patient, unlike many other chiropractors. The majority of the patients I see are in great pain and after such a thorough evaluation I think it’s better to help them right away. When I bring my car to a mechanic I expect that it will be evaluated and fixed quickly so I extend that same principle to my patients. After the initial treatment most patients have a follow up appointment within the week to determine how much progress they have made and to create a plan to help them attain their individual health goals.

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