4 Ways to help your child

4 Ways to help your child

4 Ways to help your child 150 150 Matt Kenney

by Dr Matt Kenny,

Many parents ask if chiropractic can help their children. As a father of 2 young boys I can tell you that the answer is a resounding yes. As a guest speaker I recently shared some of the frequent reasons parents bring children in for chiropractic care. Today I’ll share some of my favorite success stories regarding some of those conditions.

  •  Repeated ear infections/avoiding ear tubes. Though I’ve helped with this many times, the most memorable was a friend whose son was scheduled for ear tubes in a week. He was only a year old and already had 5 ear infections in 6 months and the fluid build-up in his ears was now chronic. I explained that I may be able to help although my friend was skeptical. I adjusted the child using a painless, gentle technique to the upper part of the spine for 3 consecutive days. When the doctors saw him later in the week to input the ear tubes the child was sent home because his “ears were fluid-free and perfect”. This is still the case today and he’s had no more ear infections.
  • Asthma/breathing difficulties. My experience with children who have asthma and receive chiropractic care to the upper to mid back is that it allows for better breathing and improved pulmonic function[1]which often leads to a reduction in medication. A child was under my care for asthma so severe that he could no longer play outside at recess. After two adjustments he was once again running and playing with his friends and after a month of chiropractic his physician reduced his medications.
  • Allergies. Allergies include both seasonal and food and I have experience with both. These can be helped by removing spinal pressure and essentially providing more efficient defenses. One of my patients was a 3 year old boy that was only able to eat three foods without breaking out in severe rashes. After a month of care he was up to 30 foods and within another month was eating an almost completely regular diet. He came to my office one day and told me with excitement and pride how great it was that he was able to eat a cupcake at a birthday party with his friends.
  •  Colic. Colic is a spasm of the intestinal muscles that typically causes infants to scream seemingly endlessly and breakdown the cognitive health of sleep deprived parents after a day or two. For the first three weeks of his life, my son was quite a happy baby. One morning while I was away at a conference he began screaming and didn’t stop for almost 24 hours until I returned the next day. To treat him, I placed him on his belly and with the pressure of a single finger adjusted a vertebra in his lower back. The second I did so he stopped crying and the colic never returned.

For many parents a stop at the chiropractor is not automatically on their list for improving pediatric health. Whether because they don’t understand how it helps children or due to concerns that it may be painful or dangerous, the reality is that with painless and gentle techniques children are able to benefit from chiropractic just as adults do. I’ve seen this with my own children and with the hundreds of children I’ve been entrusted to care for throughout my career.

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[1]Pulmonic function is measured by a medical doctor


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