4 Reasons you should start caring about your spine

4 Reasons you should start caring about your spine

4 Reasons you should start caring about your spine 150 150 Matt Kenney

A weakening spine such as those with degeneration (arthritic changes), osteoporosis and misalignments can cause a multitude of problems. Conversely, a strong spine offers many benefits. Below are my top 4 reasons I think everyone should strive for a strong spine.

1. Your posture won’t suck. A weak spine often causes negative postural changes. Like it or not, posture conveys a wealth of information to those around you including confidence level, approachability and more. If your posture is bad it’s likely your social and business interactions are less impactful than they could be.

2. Less pain. Other than keeping you upright, the purpose of your spine is to protect certain parts of your central nervous system. Due to the close proximity of your vertebrae to your spinal cord and spinal nerves, if your spine isn’t healthy than your nerves will suffer. Suffering nerves create pain and other symptoms, something no one wants.

3. Keeps you young. An unhealthy spine leads to decreased motion which often spreads to the extremities. A strong spine helps you maintain flexibility allowing you to stay more active and enjoying life more. Equally important is that it will help you avoid spending your golden years hunched over, limping and worrying about climbing stairs.

4. Better sleep. Difficulty getting to sleep and/or staying asleep can come from both mental and physical causes. Physically, the most common reason is the inability to get or remain comfortable. This is often due to a weak spine that is sensitive to even the slightest positional change. Stronger spines lead to more restful sleep.

So how do you achieve a stronger spine? I feel the following are the most crucial:

· Regular exercise to strengthen muscles and bones such as resistance workouts, yoga, core strengthening, stretching, etc.
· Regular chiropractic checkups similar to dental checkups – maintain a healthy spine in the short term while also preventing problems from forming long term.
· Massage therapy to clear out tension that can lead to weakening spinal muscles and joints.
· Healthy nutrition such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, water and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to aid the recovery of muscles and strengthen bones.

Dr. Kenney has won multiple awards for “Best Chiropractor” and specializes in motivating and helping patients achieve their goals of better health and pain relief. For more information please visit www.NewBodyChiro.com, find us on Facebook (New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center) or call (303) 347-9906.

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