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Are you playing OFFENSE or DEFENSE?

In honor of the return of my favorite sport, football I am posing the question – are you playing offense or defense with your health?

Offense starts with a definable goal and every action is intended to lead toward the fulfillment of that goal. In terms of health, offense means being proactive. Defense by nature is more reactive. Being defensive with your health usually means waiting for things (usually bad) to happen before taking action. When it comes to health, NOTHING beats a great offense. Below are some of my favorite tips for building a great health offense:

· Regular exercise – if you don’t move it, you lose it
· Healthy nutrition – 80% or more of the time you should be eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins and avoiding heavily processed foods and toxic ingredients
· Drink more water and less soda, juice, sugary drinks, alcohol and coffee
· Be more active – get outside to walk, hike or pursue activities that get you moving more
· Get enough sleep – make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep per night
· Spend time with people that motivate you, inspire you and make you happy – your personality is a combination of the 5 people you associate with most often so choose wisely
· Make time for yourself – time to decompress is crucial even if it’s not long
· Pursue only things that seek to build your confidence and eliminate those that don’t – this applies to people, activities, what you read and much more
· Think more positively – try not to dwell on mistakes, complain or focus on potentially negative outcomes
· Seek regular preventative/maintenance checkups to specialists such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths and massage therapists – a little prevention helps everyone!

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Matt KenneyAre you playing OFFENSE or DEFENSE?
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4 Life lessons I’ve been taught over the past month


Although movies and inspirational quotes can motivate many of us, there is nothing better than finding inspiration from people, interactions and events in our everyday life. Below are 4 such instances that I’ve had over the last month and what each taught me.

1. Dream big!

A new patient mentioned she had just registered for a triathlon and needed my help to feel better. I quickly learned that she has never been a runner or a great swimmer nor does she yet even own a bike. When I asked why she would sign up for this event, she told me it was because she knew it would be difficult but after accomplishing it, she’d feel great amounts of self satisfaction. This really impressed me because too often people spend their whole lives waiting to be perfect before they take a chance. There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead or being safe but once in a while it’s nice to have an event that scares and challenges you to go to a higher level. Once you complete that event or presentation or whatever it may be, you will be a stronger person with a better outlook going forward.

2. Do not be afraid to fail!

We all live within a comfort zone to some degree and straying outside of it frightens us. A few weeks ago I climbed The Incline here in Colorado which I like to do regularly. It’s a 2000 foot vertical climb in under a mile along old railroad tracks that act as steps….2,700 steps! This is a challenging workout for anyone but near the top with maybe a 1/4 mile to go I saw a woman essentially on all fours trying to crawl the last bit of the mountain. I was impressed because the woman didn’t seem afraid of what people would think; she just seemed intent on finishing. Putting yourself out there and not being afraid to fail at something is a powerful tool to lead any one of us to a greater level of success in our lives.

3. Don’t quit!

A couple weeks ago I ran a half marathon which challenged me as a distance runner but I tried to push myself as hard as I could. Around mile 8 I noticed a certain competitor was consistently a short distance ahead of me and I was doing my best to keep pace. When the finish line was within in sight, I pulled within about 100 feet and then the other runner just stopped out of nowhere. A short time later, that same runner crossed the finish line very upset and kept saying to family and friends “I was doing so well, why did I stop? Why did I quit?” My belief is that we all reach points in life where we’re tired or want to give up and giving in seems like a great idea in the moment. However, in the end this always makes us feel worse. It’s far better and more satisfying to see our goals and intentions through until the end.

4. Take care of yourself…now!

Through my job as a chiropractor I speak with many people that have reached a crisis point with their health and are regretting the decisions they’ve made. I had several such conversations with people over the last month. Health is fragile and ultimately more important than anything else. Therefore, you need to take steps now to protect it both in the short and long terms. The people I know that are in great health all utilize similar strategies: eating healthy, exercising regularly, having a better outlook on life and having regular holistic care such as chiropractic, acupuncture and/or massage in addition to traditional medical checkups. Collectively, all of these proven strategies work very effectively. Focusing on these areas now will help you avoid the regrets of so many, while maintaining a healthier and happy life.

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Matt Kenney4 Life lessons I’ve been taught over the past month
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