Lasting relief for commonly misdiagnosed problems

Lasting relief for commonly misdiagnosed problems

Lasting relief for commonly misdiagnosed problems 150 150 Matt Kenney

As a chiropractor most people associate me with fixing things like neck and back pain, headaches and sciatica. However, today I’d like to share a brief list of conditions encountered regularly that I have great success correcting.

  1. Foot and ankle pain. Consider the amount of time we spend on our feet each day and the stress that is placed on our ankles. Due to this persistent stress, the ankle can often become misaligned. Between our 2 leg bones is a square bone called the talus and whether caused by high heels, running or gradual wear and tear, this bone is jammed upward causing normal foot motion to suffer and a “burning” pain in the foot. Patients that have been treated for ankle misalignment may have been misdiagnosed with plantar fasciitis or similar problems. After only a single ankle adjustment, patients will walk out of my office free of the foot pain that they’d had for years.
  1. Difficulty breathing and/or burning mid-back pain. Poor posture, repetitive motions, sleeping position and other common activities can cause 1 or more of your rib heads (the portions that articulate with your spine or with your sternum) to move slightly out of place. Symptoms of this common misalignment include an oval-shaped area of muscular tension sensitive to light touch and difficulty when trying to take a full deep breath. Often, these symptoms are misdiagnosed as lung problems. A simple rib adjustment alleviates these symptoms instantly and patients breathe deeper than they have in a long time.
  1. Wrist pain or tingling. Most of us are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome and its associated wrist pain. However, the symptom of wrist pain or tingling does not mean you definitely have carpal tunnel syndrome. The nerve involved with this portion of the wrist actually begins in your lower neck before traveling downward to innervate your fingers and hand. My approach is to find where the nerve is becoming blocked – at the wrist, the neck or both. Adjusting one or both of these areas usually frees up the nerve significantly and decreases (or cures) the symptom. I also like to use a “cold laser” which is a side effect-free treatment that adds energy to ligaments, muscles and nerves resulting in greater nerve strength and less inflammation. These methods continue to allow me to help those with serious wrist pain and/or tingling.

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