M Love

M Love 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Absolutely love this chiropractor and his practice. All the staff are friendly and I love how I am treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Kenney is very knowledgeable. Great treasure of a practice I found.

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Ryan S.

Ryan S. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I’ve been seeing Dr Kenney for around a year now and he has helped my lower back pain tremendously. His wife Mary is awesome to deal with and I love their other sevices as well. It’s a great family business that I would recommend to everyone.

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Ermin M

Ermin M 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is plain and simple just amazing, had a lot of issues with my Sciatic area and after a few visits with Dr. Kenney and a few correction of my spine, I have been pain free. He truly is just amazing.

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Brandon B

Brandon B 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

As a fellow chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Matt Kenney. Dr. Kenney is my personal chiropractor and will be for a long time. He is knowledgeable, and is a great adjuster. I would gladly recommend him to anybody.

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Chris M.

Chris M. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney was great. This was my first visit with a chiropractor and I can say I definitely feel a difference in my body. Thanks again. Looking forward to my next appointment.

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Ted B.

Ted B. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I am heading over to New Body this morning, amazing customer service is a given here but this chiropractor I trust. Last night I somehow put my neck completely out of line, almost went to the ER but made it through a rough night knowing that there is solution if he’d see me, which I’m…

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Chris G.

Chris G. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

The entire team at New Body is outstanding! Dr. Kenney works magic on my back and neck every time I come in, and by the time I’m at work the next morning the pain or twinge I had been feeling is gone! Also, I would be doing you a terrible disservice if I didn’t tell…

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Giovanni G.

Giovanni G. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

I have been seeing Dr. Matt Kenney on an as-needed basis for almost two years. On my first visit he took an x-ray and used some computer equipment to analyze my spine and find the cause of my pain. I was impressed, as I’ve known other chiropractors who just dive in and start adjusting without…

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Jason W

Jason W 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is phenomenal! I have used him for lower back pain and hip pain. Very knowledgeable and a genuine desire to help any way he can. Listens extremely well and gives you the time to talk about your concerns.

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Stacy S.

Stacy S. 150 150 Carrie Wingfield

Dr. Kenney is a conscientious practitioner, never pushing extraneous treatments or selling complete healing in four appointments a week like some chiropractors. He is kind and efficient, enabling me to do a very physical job. Without him, I’d be sunk.

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