Carley M.

I went to Dr. Kenney after a friend recommended him and said he was great. I think he works magic!! I had severe pain from a badly herniated disc that was also giving me bad sciatica pain, and it was so bad to the point where I couldn’t walk normally anymore and I was always walking with a hunched back/also a bad limp(at 25 years old). I was dealing with that pain for almost a year before going to Dr. Kenney, after going to several doctors and receiving little to no care or solutions from them(they only confirmed my condition with an MRI). I even went to my doctors chiropractor and I never once felt relief. After not being able to walk, I finally gave in and went to New Body, and I’m mad I didn’t go sooner!! I felt better after 3 sessions(1 week) and I went nearly every week for 6 months. My sciatica pain was mostly resolved within the first month or so and I don’t believe I have a herniated disc anymore either. I still get a muscle spasm or tweak here and there and when I do, Dr. Kenney is there to fix me up quickly! Truly this man worked miracles for me when I thought I was out of hope. Thank you so so much for giving me my life back!!!

Fred M.

I have always been skeptical of visiting a chiropractor. However, after four weeks of excruciating hip pain I received a referral to Dr. Kenney. Dr. Kenney was able to resolve my issues in a matter of three visits. He was efficient, didn’t try to over sell any procedures and was extremely reasonable, with his fee schedule. His upbeat, attitude, knowledge, and professionalism are amazing.

Lisa C.

Dr. Kenney is Amazing as well as his staff!! I have been going there for many years for my whole body adjustment!! I come in feeling pain and leave being PAIN FREE!! Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me and many other people!!

Jonah H.

I have seen over 12 different Chiropractors in my life. This one is by far my favorite and I would highly recommend to anyone especially if you have had bad experiences with other chiropractors in the past.

Tony O.

I’m so glad I found Dr. Kenney when looking for a new chiropractor. I really appreciate the way he explains injuries and how the body reacts to them. He is kind, thorough and genuinely cares about his patients. He brought me back to life from a pinched nerve and I feel like a brand new human- can’t recommend him enough.

David P.

Complete exam and treatment. Best to go regularly for optimal results. Dr. Matt is great.

Dinelle C.

I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Kenney! I suffered from some pretty severe neck pain from a sports related injury, and he had me feeling relief immediately after my first visit. He accepts my insurance, however even his cash prices are very reasonable. Everyone in the office is so kind and compassionate, and Dr. Kenney is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and swift. I love how quick, effective and relieving my visits have been thus far, and look forward to coming in regularly to keep everything in alignment!

Laree S.

Dr. Kenney really is the best. He is the first chiropractor to address all my issues (knee, shoulder) not just back adjustments. He really gets to know his patients and has a great demeanor. I am so glad I found this office and I look forward to seeing him weekly. Another bonus is that they offer Cryotherapy and Pilates!

Kim S.

Dr. Kenney is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. His chiropractic care & advice on holistic health and nutrition are invaluable. I highly recommend his practice.

Matthew H.

Dr Kenney’s the best. I’ve had spine problems for 20 years and seen at least 100 docs.
He’ll line you up properly.

Greg D.

Best Chiro in town. Fairly priced, efficient and effective. No gimmicks or useless practices. He fixes you and is super nice.

Dan V.

Dr. Kenney was quick, asked questions and made me feel welcome. He said I just needed a little touch up as it had been years since my past adjustment from a different Dr. and left feeling better and the next day even better. No high pressure for multiple appointments, just there to help you feel better. Thank You

Craig P.

I have used chiropractic treatment for pain relief for 40 years. I have seen other chiropractors who are good. I can only say one is the best. Matt Kenney is the top chiropractor I have ever seen. He had a good feel for my problems from the first visit. He told me what to expect from my recovery of an injury I had. I had experienced pain for months before I found him. His estimate of 3 months to fully recover was accurate. Since then I have only seen him for maintenance and I could not be happier with him and his staff.

Cyndy P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kenney’s since 2016 and he listens to me and adjusts me according to my needs. His office staff and massage therapists have always been great. The office atmosphere is welcoming and I have always felt comfortable. I recently was offered the opportunity to work for Dr. Kenney. I always thought he was a great chiropractor but after working here for several months, I realize he is also a great man who practice what he preaches.

Cori H.

Dr Matt is great for the whole family!

Mary W.

New Body Chiropractic is a friendly and inviting environment! Dr Kenney is professional, creates personalized care for you every time you come in.  They have massage therapists on site too. Elizabeth and Matt are amazing therapists who both specialize in deep tissue and therapeutic massage!

Veronica T.

The chiropractor is very kind, he is a person who likes to do his work, he does it with a lot of love.

Shawn H.

Dr Kenney and his staff are amazing!

Loni A.

All three of my children (ages 8 months, 6, and 8 years old) see Dr. Kenney for adjustments. He is phenomenal with them! I highly recommend Dr. Kenney. His office staff is very helpful and professional as well. We are so grateful to have found Dr. Kenney at New Body Chiropractic!

Adam B.

I’ve been going here for adjustments for several years now. Matt is a cool dude who walks you through anything he’s going to be doing. His staff has always been friendly as well. This is the only chiropractor that I’ve been to that has taken an x-ray before doing any adjustments, that alone made me feel a lot better. Now a days I get adjustments maybe once a quarter. I highly recommend this chiropractors office!

Dan N.

Love this place, always great service and very beneficial to your overall well being. Get the adjustment and the massage combo.

Stacy S.

Dr. Kenney is a conscientious practitioner, never pushing extraneous treatments or selling complete healing in four appointments a week like some chiropractors.  He is kind and efficient, enabling me to do a very physical job.  Without him, I’d be sunk.

Mia G.

Matt has been my chiropractor since I was 11. He does not disappoint! Not only is he a great doctor but a great person. He will get to know you as his patients mean a lot to him! The office and all of the staff are amazing! There is so much offered in one small building! Would 100% recommend dr. Kenney to anyone in need of a chiropractor!

Gabriela P.

I was recommended to New Body by my boyfriend and his family. I have been coming to New Body for about a year now and I do not see myself going any where else. Most recently, I pulled something in my lower back and was in a lot of pain. I called the office on a Friday to see if they would be able to squeeze me in. Mary, being the delightful receptionist that she is, was able to take my request and I was able to see Dr. Kenney that day. Every time I come see Dr. Kenney he is always extremely professional and knowledgeable. This is a great family business that I would recommend to everyone.

Stephanie B.

Mary and Dr Kenney are 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  The office has a real goal to help patients feel better and from the warm welcome you receive upon entering to the attentive and skilled manner in which Dr Kenney treats his patients they far surpass this goal.  There are also 2 or 3 massage therapists on staff to help relax stiff muscles to compliment your adjustment.  I was lucky to find this practice when I moved to Colorado 2 1/2 years ago. Even my husband, who is very picky about chiropractic care instantly loved this office.  I highly recommend you check them out.

Joe R.

Amazingly personalized and quality care!  And always super responsive.  If you need care and need to get in to be seen, they will get you in!

Ryan S.

I’ve been seeing Dr Kenney for around a year now and he has helped my lower back pain tremendously. His wife Mary is awesome to deal with and I love the cryotherapy as well. It’s a great family business that I would recommend to everyone.

Sheila W.

Dr. Kenney is amazing! The best chiropractic care I’ve ever received…along with the best CMTs! I highly recommend New Body!!!

Jennifer A.


Josh H.

After the military I needed a chiro really bad! Found new body and found a family that cares for not only my structural well being but my overall health. Love this place

Kai M.

I just got finished seeing Dr Mathew and I feel so much better. I’ve been dealing with neck pain that has been driving me crazy and I got all my answers in my first appointment! Thank you very much!

Chris F.

Besides being a wonderful person and great customer service Matt is a GREAT CHIRO as well!! I pulled something in my lower back – so much pain just walking around, one time seeing Matt fixed me up.  He also checked my ribs and I had 5 out of place!  I did not even know that I could not take deep breaths but once he put them back it felt sooo good to just breath deep again!!  Matt, my family thanks you for having me back on my feet pain free!

Devon B.

My experience at New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center has been five star! Upon inquiry, Mary promptly and happily called me and set up my insurance with such ease. When I walked in the doors for my first appointment, Mary welcomed me with such delight and made me feel so comfortable which is something I don’t normally feel when walking in for a first appointment. Dr. Kenney is just as wonderful as his wife, Mary. He is  extremely professional and eased my worries about my back. After getting adjusted by Dr. Kenney, Stella, the massage therapist, welcomed me into her little oasis of a room. When walking into her room, you can feel her love and intentionality in all of her decor. She has a healing heart and hands, and I felt like I received both a physical and spiritual massage after a session with Stella. I have already gone back three times and look forward to the next one. I am so grateful for the team at New Body Chiropractic & Wellness Center and always look forward to seeing such an uplifting and healing group of people!

Sheila W.

Great Place to go! Compassionat and wanting to help, tell them what’s wrong they will fix it! They have saved me many times!   From a migraine and disk problem sufferer.

Ermin M.

Dr. Kenney is plain and simple just amazing, had a lot of issues with my Sciatic area and after a few visits with Dr. Kenney and a few correction of my spine, I have been pain free. He truly is just amazing.

Shawn H.

Dr Kenney and his staff are amazing!

Sam C.

Life saver! After multiple back surgeries it’s great to feel so relief

Jessica C.

Dr. Kenney has fixed me so many times I don’t know what I would do without him! Several times I’ve had ribs out, sciatic pain, or other random pains I didn’t think had anything to do with Chiropractic and he has never failed to relieve my aches and pains. He takes one look at me and knows exactly where I’m feeling pain and how to fix it. Dr. Kenney has adjust both of my babies since birth and I cannot believe how many nights of sleep he saved us by adjusting them!! He sees my entire family now and we all trust him with our life! He better not EVER retire or ill be knocking down his door haha He’s literally the best out there!!

Julia B.

Dr Kenney is the best. He’s helped me with my postpartum back pain, neck pain, and headaches. An added bonus is that I can bring my kids with me to the appointment- there is a kids room! And he’s even adjusted them both. I highly recommend him.

Sara G.

They are so friendly. They are awesome. They knew my name by the second appt without having to look at chart or computer. I have had an awesome experience so far.

Judy K.

Love these guys!!

Rick M.

Love them… Matt is awesome

Gabe F.

Dr. Matt is great! I had never been to a chiropractor before but Mary and Matt made the process very simple and personalized! After my wreck my neck was hurting consistently. After a few sessions, the pain is gone! Matt pinpointed my issues and fixed them amazing results! I highly recommend!

Todd R.

The treatment is amazing and I feel great after every time I go. Matt is a true professional and I trust him completely.

Paula S.

I love these guys!!! Chiropractic, massage they are wonderful!

Michael O.

Dr. Matt is an incredible Chiropractor! Plus his entire staff is extremely friendly. I always leave feeling better mentally and physically.

Mary L.

Absolutely love this chiropractor and his practice. All the staff are friendly and I love how I am treated with dignity and respect. Dr Kenney is very knowledgeable. Great treasure of a practice I found.

Christopher G.

The entire team at New Body is outstanding! Dr. Kenney works magic on my back and neck every time I come in, and by the time I’m at work the next morning the pain or twinge I had been feeling is gone! Also, I would be doing you a terrible disservice if I didn’t tell you: do NOT leave the office without getting a massage from Stella! I can honestly say I have never had a massage that is even in the same ballpark as what she delivers. She found spots I didn’t even know were tender or knotted and worked muscles I didn’t know I had. The massage was tailored to areas that are prone to injury in my line of work (dentistry) which felt AWESOME, but the rest of the massage was equally as superb. The hot stones were a huge bonus, too! I can promise you won’t be disappointed here!

Erik M.

Dr. Kenney is plain and simple just amazing, had a lot of issues with my Sciatic area and after a few visits with Dr. Kenney and a few correction of my spine, I have been pain free. He truly is just amazing.

Marquez G.

Amazing! I now understand why this place is 5 stars. Honest and straight to the point. I feel great!

Andy B.

I found Dr. Kenney after searching for a Denver chiropractor to treat a hiatal hernia, and I have been very pleased with the treatment.  He has a great demeanor and energy, explains things well, and consistently leaves me feeling better after my adjustment and treatment.  It’s always easy to get and appointment, and Mary at the front desk is an angel.  I highly recommend you give them a shot if you’re looking to have a hiatal hernia treated non-surgically, or for chiropractic care in general.

Molly M.

WOW! I’m so happy I found Dr. Kenney. I was seeing another chiropractor in the area for several years, but started to feel like I wasn’t really getting the level of care that I really wanted, especially for the price. I recently decided to find a new doctor and couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch. Dr. Kenney takes the perfect approach — the adjustments feel customized to what’s best for MY body, they aren’t rushed, there’s no wait time, and the prices are transparent and very reasonable. And both Dr. Kenney and his staff have positive and friendly attitudes. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional and gratifying chiropractic experience!

Levi F.

I need to thank Dr. Kenney for everything he’s done for my neck. When I got into a car accident last year, they told me I should see a chiropractor and I was nervous about it. But Dr Kenney was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful it made me feel totally at ease about the adjustment. It was a lot gentler than I expected but incredibly effective, which I was pretty thrilled about. It’s hard to trust “just anybody” with your pain (especially in a place as fragile as your neck!) but not with Dr. K. Highly recommended, especially if you’re new to chiropractic.

Elizabeth C.

New Body is a great practice and close to my home. I always go to Dr. Kenney, he has helped me so much. They are always willing to see me, even at the last minute. And they are very flexible, once I had to reschedule an appointment 5 times, and they made it work! I went in for headaches and a minor hiatal hernia, which was causing me heartburn. I started going in October of 2015, and go in about once a month, which has dramatically helped both my headaches and heartburn. I highly recommend Dr. Kenney to everyone! He is my heartburn angel 🙂

Brandi U.

Nothing but excellent bedside manner customer service from the moment your crawl, climb, hippy hop or stroll through the door. Everyone in there is right on the money and answers questions knowledgeably and in a timely manor.  You are greeted, seated and serviced (but never rushed). I love this place and refuse to every go anywhere else.

Scott T.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kenney for chiropractic adjustments for the past couple of years and I’ve always had a very positive experience. He really listens to his patients and adjusts them accordingly. Dr. K referred me to a colleague to treat plantar fasciitis in my foot and that referral has led to a mostly pain-free foot! I’m thankful for Dr. Kenney and his staff for their excellent care! Keep up the great work Dr. Kenney.

Nicole S.

Dr. Matt Kenney is the best chiropractor I have ever had [I have had several]. He keeps things concise, which respects my schedule but remains thorough, never hesitating to address whatever ails me. I was in a MVA and I was in a lot of pain when I came to see him. Now I can function normally in life. I also really love Mary – she is the sweet, kind, amazing gal at the front desk. The vibe there is so nice – absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Linda H.

I am so happy to find Dr. Kenney. After three visits my neck & nerve pain was 100% better. Love the office will be coming for a very long time.

Tom C.

My wife was having terrible headaches, so I sent her to Dr. Kenney.

What she discovered was that he could help her with another issue. Heartburn/Acid Reflux. She had seen an gastroenterologist who said she would just have to deal with her heartburn the rest of her life and take medication daily to combat it. She was really bummed out at this as we do not like to take medications unless severely needed.

After seeing Dr. Kenney for the first time she had less acid reflux and the headaches were less intense.

After about 3 months now of going 1-2 times per month on average she is doing great and rarely has heartburn or headaches anymore.

She used to have heartburn every day several times and had to take medication with every meal. She doesn’t need the medication anymore and that is fantastic.

Thanks Dr. Kenney- you sir, rock!

So I’m back to add to my review…

I was playing with my dog in the snow and fell on my back- ouch. Wasn’t a serious injury, but painful and I couldn’t sleep well due to the pain and being so uncomfortable. My back was just a mess and my neck wasn’t much better off..

So, I called Dr. Kenney and set an appointment. Glad I did.

After one session I was pain free and slept amazingly well that night. He also helped relieve some other issues I’d been having for a while, and just gotten used to. He adjusted my knees and a few fingers and the long time discomfort I was having went away.

I saw him for one more session and have been feeling great ever since.

I now know who to call when I have minor injuries and pain.

Thanks again Dr. Kenney- you rock buddy!

Michael P.

We don’t hesitate to make the trip up to Littleton from Castle Rock to see Dr. Kenney because he is hands down the best chiropractor in the area. He treats our whole family and has accommodated us when we have needed to see him on an emergency basis. He is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and general overall health care, which is very important to us. He always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is feeling well – his recommendations have been spot on. Extremely professional, personable and skilled. Absolutely a key part of our overall health – very happy with the care we’ve received from Dr. Kenney over the past few years.

Nick M.

I was sick of doctors telling me I needed to ‘rest’ in order to get my back healthy. I finally went to see Dr. Kenney and it literally changed my life. He spent time to figure out how to get my body into alignment and I feel brand new! It is very comforting to know I have someone to turn to when my back acts up. I repeat – LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Dr. Kenney!!!!

Norm B.

Dr. Kenney is an outstanding chiropractor and due to New Body Chiropractor and Wellness Center my back has been and continues to be in great shape. If you are looking for a chiropractor who knows what he is doing and whom you can trust than this is the place for you. I would also recommend Scott their massage therapist as well. This place is awesome and so is their customer service.

Shirley D.

This has been the best experience I have ever had with a chiropractor. The first time I went to New Body Chiropractic, I had terrible pain in my back on both sides. I didn’t have any pain at all after that. I did go back for my second session for something else. I am so pleased that I am telling every one about Dr. Kenney. They do not push you to keep coming back session after session. My one son & husband both go there and they love it, it’s also the best they have ever had.

Mary C.

As an athlete myself and personal trainer, I pride myself on health and teaching my clients the importance of their health through exercise and eating right. I wanted to take my own health and training to another level so I met with a Chiropractor a close friend had highly recommended. Dr. Matt Kenney adjusted me for the first time and I immediately noticed a difference in my athletic performance and my posture. Dr. Kenney has taught me so much about the importance of chiropractic work for athletes and everyone. I have recommended my own clients to Dr. Kenney and they have noticed huge improvements and positive changes. Not only do my clients see Dr. Kenney but he is also treating my family, from my 7 month old niece to my 84 year old Grandma. Speaking for everyone who has seen Dr. Kenney once to weekly, we couldn’t be happier with his individual and personal care, he truly cares about his patients and it shows. He came highly recommended and I want other people to receive the special care that he has provided me, my family and my clients.

Jody A.

Dr. Kenney is amazing! I have tried everything possible short of back surgery for my bulging discs and spinal stenosis. I have had a handful of adjustments with Dr. Kenney and I am feeling so much better. I have been able to stop taking a prescription that was helping the pain, but had bad side effects. Dr. Kenney is so kind and caring. His style of adjusting is very gentle and extremely effective!

Amanda J.

Dr. Kenney is amazing! Plain and simple.

Kim W.

I am so happy I found New Body! Drs. Miller and Kenney are both wonderful, caring and genuine people. All the staff are great, super friendly. They are accommodating, know what they are doing and believe in a healthy lifestyle and live it as well. I have recommended them to everyone I know, and have taken my family members to them.

Laura M.

We love Dr Matt Kenney!!!! He has adjusted our family for years and is amazing! He is a very gentle adjuster. My kids love to be adjusted by him and are always asking when they can go see him again. I would highly recommend Dr Matt to anyone.

Barbara B.

I’ve always had good results when I’ve seen Dr Kenney. Once a month is a good adjustment time for my arthritic back problems.

Jen R.

I have lived with morning headaches and the need to crack my neck for several years. I have tried typical stress relief options such as massage and yoga which helped but never took the discomfort away. After meeting Dr. Kenney and hearing him explain how Chiropractic work may help I decided to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise it did. After the first session I was headache free for the first time and the need to crack my neck really went away. He explain very gently what he was going to do before doing it and explained why I was experiencing the symptoms and how he could relieve it. I am so happy I went to see Dr. Kenney he is a true professional and has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend!

William B.

As a personal injury attorney, I have worked with many chiropractors and their patients. Dr. Kenney gets great results and he is a person you can trust.

John C.

I have been seeing Dr. Matt Kenney on an as-needed basis for almost two years. On my first visit he took an xray and used some computer equipment to analyze my spine and find the cause of my pain. I was impressed, as I’ve known other chiropractors who just dive in and start adjusting without first seeing what’s going on inside. I was also impressed that he did NOT try to get me on a long-term treatment plan, as some others do. Instead, he advised that it may take a few treatments to get things back in place, but he left it to me to decide how often and how many until I felt better. Since then I’ve returned a few times–usually after twisting myself into a bad position, lifting more than I should, or just sitting too long at my desk. He gets me out of pain and walking upright again in one or two visits.

Guy C.

Dr. Matt and his staff relieved my severe back pain and they are an absolute pleasure to work with in scheduling and follow up. Thorough, professional, and pleasant. Can’t beat that!

Kenneth T.

From front desk to to the Dr’s office great experience . Very informed on what’s going on. Dr Kenney really spends time with you and is awesome. Highly recommend this place.

Dave P.

I have a very stiff and sore neck to the point that I could barely turn my head from side to side. Dr Kenney adjusted my neck and shoulders, spending the majority of the time on my neck. I went home feeling much better and able to move my head far more. Once back to my home office, several hours later, I realized my neck was still much better and I was able to function without the pain. Thank you Dr Kenney

Jared K.

New Body Chiropractic is the only place I will (and do) send my family and my clients to for chiropractic. Dr. Kenney is very professional and does a great job. My wife was in some pain a few months after giving birth to our 3rd child. After 2 visits to Dr. Kenney she felt great!

Jody A.

Dr. Kenney is amazing! I have spinal stenosis and have suffered with back and nerve pain for four years. With Dr. Kenney’s adjustments I have seen a significant reduction in back pain and the nerve pain is almost completely gone. I have been able to stop taking a very strong prescription that I have taken for over a year. Dr. Kenney is very caring and gentle. I would recommend Dr. Kenny to anyone looking for a Chiropractor!

Stephen H.

I feel very fortunate to have found New Body Chiropractic. Very friendly atmosphere & Dr Matt Kenney is an excellent chiropractor.

Dr. M.

Dr. Matt Kenney did a great job adjusting my neck, back, wrists, and hips. I didn’t know I was out of alignment until I felt so much better after the adjustment. Dr. Kenney also gave me stretches and exercises to do at home to make the benefit of each adjustment last. That’s great service!

Jimmy K.

have had a bad back for years and they tell me surgery is inevitable. After have been going to see Dr Kenney for about a month now and I am starting to wonder if surgery is in my future at all. I feel consistently better and I couldn’t be happier!

Andrea H.

Dr. Kenney is the best chiropractor – ever!! He’s knowledgeable, caring and extremely effective. I appreciated how he evaluated my discomfort & listened to my concerns and then provided me with options on how to help me without any pressure for one particular method. I also like that he modifies his techniques based on the progress and changes to my body. I have total confidence in Dr. Kenney and I trust him completely to do the best for me. I’ve had positive experiences from all the chiropractors that I’ve visited but Dr. Kenney is at the top of the list!

Cori M.

Dr. Kenney is an amazing chiropractor. He was so gentle yet his treatments have resulted in significant improvement for me. I have never had such an effective yet gentle treatment from any other chiropractor ever. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good chiropractor. I also love that his office does not employ any sales tactics to try and rope you into a long-term treatment plan. They care about one thing – the patient and helping them feel better.

Ben H.

My wife and I have been very happy we found New Body and Dr. Miller and Dr. Kenney. We have both experienced a significant increase in our quality of life since we began regular care with them. More importantly, we have been bringing our toddler in to see Dr. Kenney since he was an infant. While we were skeptical at first of chiropractic care on someone so young, the results were amazing. Issues with his sleep, spitting up and constipation all were able to be resolved with a 5 minute visit. I wholeheartedly recommend treatment for any parent whose little one’s issues has them at wits end, the results are incredible.

Suzanne A.

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! The testimonials are terrific and from what I’ve experienced I have really hit on a very good chiropractic office. I am so very, very relieved that I am in the hands of those who seem to be so competent.

Camille R.

Dr. Matt Kenney has been amazing for my lower back pain. He is upfront and honest with his treatment plan and didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t need. I’m so pleased with my results. I am very confident in his assessment of my condition and I let him treat my family. Thank you Dr. Kenney! You have been so wonderful!

Shanna G.

I got into an auto accident recently and needless to say my neck needed attention. I was hesitant to go to my mom’s doc because he was rough and I often left in more pain. At the recommendation of a client I tried Dr. Kenney and am so glad I did! He is so gentle and precise. You feel immediate relief and better each time you go. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m well on my way to recovery. Jackie is super nice and awesome getting you checked in and squared away. I have to say they rock all around!

Jackie T.

Feeling relieved (literally) and bleesed to be rid of my mega headache. A short time with Dr. Matt Kenney of New Body Chiropractic and Wellness Center this morning and I feel like a new woman. Neck was out of whack. He found something amiss with my ankle that may explain my foot hurting during exercise too. I have an amazing team of healers!

Brandon B.

As a fellow chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Matt Kenney. Dr. Kenney is my personal chiropractor and will be for a long time. He is knowledgeable and a great adjuster. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Chris R.

I would like to acknowledge Dr. Matthew Kenney and the exceptional professionalism he shows at his profession, and the understanding he has for chiropractic care. I have been seeing Dr. Kenney for over 6 months, and can’t believe the relief he has given me.
At 55 years old, I don’t move as well as I used to but after the first month I have increased my range of motion and have progressively gotten better. I would recommend Doctor Kenney to anyone who has bone or joint pain. He accepts most insurance plans, but what sold me the most is his true commitment to his practice. He is more worried about your wallet than his and that says a lot for his character.

Emily B.

Dr. K is top notch! So personable and great with kids. He has adjusted my daughter since she was born. She loves him so much she gives him a high five and or a hug!

Jason W.

Dr. Kenney is phenomenal! I have used him for lower back pain and hip pain. Very knowledgeable and a genuine desire to help any way he can. Listens extremely well and gives you the time to talk about your concerns.

Brian M.

Dr. Matthew Kenney is an awesome chiropractor! His techniques are cutting edge and get people well fast! He is very knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness and answered all my questions skillfully and honestly. I would recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Kenney!

Matt C.

Dr. Kenney is an excellent chiropractor. Attentive and knowledgeable, his expertise extends far beyond pain management and has a total focus on overall wellness. Strongly recommended.

Ryan F.

Dr. Kenney is a great chiropractor!

Debbie M.

I had tingling and numbness in both my hands and feet as well as intermittent pains in both arms and legs. My general practitioner did every test to identify the problem (I thought I might have PAD or some serious neurological or vascular problems). After all these tests my MD said all the tests were negative and wanted to send me to see an orthopedic surgeon. Luckily, before I actually went to the appointment a friend begged me to try a chiropractic adjustment. Honestly, I knew nothing about chiropractic medicine and definitely was not a believer. However, after the first visit almost 100% of all the tingling and pain went away. Amazing! I’ve been going ever since and Dr. Kenney is understanding and will fit you in…even if you don’t have a scheduled appointment. Now, I live pain free but I return for monthly adjustments to keep my spine in shape.

Andrew M.

I’m in my early 30’s and have been suffering from severe lower back pain since I was a teenager. After years of temporary solutions, my next step was to be surgery according to my multiple docs. On top of that, I had been put on medications such as Adderall (for ADHD) and Klonopin (for the anxiety the Adderall wascausing). Also, every time my back pain was severe I was given heavy-duty narcotic pain medication. As a young adult, husband, father, employee, etc I didn’t want to be on any of these meds but was unable to stop the vicious cycles which has subtly formed. I can’t thank Dr. Kenney and the staff enough for helping me get my life back; as I have been off all meds for 6 weeks and feel like a teenager again! Not only do I feel thankful, but my wife, son and extended family feel they have the “real me” back! Having Dr. Kenney’s continual support and encouragement on top of feeling great physically & mentally from the prescribed chiropractic adjustments and dietary lifestyle changes was the only way I could have gotten off those medications. Now I feel that my body is working towards being 100% efficient at what it is designed to do…live life…free from back pain, free from meds, free from major disease! Dr. Kenney, I am deeply indebted to you and your staff and this simple paragraph can’t truly express how my family and I feel. Thank you,thank you!

Mary Jane F.

Dr. Kenney is the best all-around chiropractor that I have ever had the pleasure to visit for adjustments and nutritional support. He could always tell by looking at me where the tension spots were building up in my neck, hips, shoulders and lower back. I always ended up walking out of his office feeling spry and ten years younger. Dr. Kenney also knew about many innovative treatments that could help me cope with my elderly mom’s failing health. I write this now in the past tense as Dr. Kenney recently moved from Connecticut to Colorado; and unless I win the Lotto, I won’t be able to schedule an appointment with him any time soon. Dr. Kenney is a very special person who I recommend very highly to the baby boomer generation!

Seren E.

As a 17 year old, for the past few months I’ve been feeling like a 90 year old. My back was my main problem, but I also suffered from severe asthma and acid reflux. It came to a point where even one bite of something made me extremely nauseous. After just 1 consultation and adjustment with Dr. Kenney, my entire way of living changed. I am able to eat better, sleep better and even breathe better. As I continue to go for my weekly adjustments, I feel my body making positive changes.

Elaine A.

Dr. Kenney is a skilled and dedicated chiropractor whose many strengths include being a great listener. He responds to his patient’s concerns with appropriate treatment as well as advice on how to avoid future problems through lifestyle changes, exercise, diet and nutrition. He answers all questions fully and thoroughly. His cheerful manner engages patients of all ages from infants and children to adults. I highly recommend Dr. Kenney’s services without any reservations.

Channing M.

Ever since I started seeing Dr. Kenney a year and a half ago, my health has changed tremendously. Not only is he a wonderful doctor but he truly cares about his patients. There is no one better!

Heather K.

Chiropractic care is the best thing to happen to me. I used to suffer from a crippling pain in my back and I would be unable to move for a day, two dats, bed ridden for sometimes up to a week. Medical doctors told me the only solution was disc surgery. It would be very expensive, very invasive and still not guaranteed to work. Dr. Kenney was able to ease the symptoms and immediately correct the problem without all the terrible side effects. With regular care, the problem is fading and the doctors told me I wouldn’t ever find comfort.

Melissa Y.

For anyone dealing with nagging neck, joint or back pain; chronic headaches or sinus trouble; recovering from an injury; or at your wit’s end trying to find some relief for a baby toddler with congestion, constipation or ear problems, Dr. Kenney IS the person to turn to. His calm, respectful manner and sincere dedication to helping you feel better have led me to refer him to several friends and colleagues. Now whenever anyone in my family (even those that live far away) has a health issue, I check in with Dr. Kenney as an initial step on the road to better health. For those skeptical about chiropractic, put any doubts aside with the doctors here. You truly could not be in better hands.

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