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Mary A.

The best Chiropractic Center ever!!!   Dr. Kenney always makes my back feel brand new every time I go in.  Both him and Mary are just so nice and professional!!

Matt KenneyMary A.
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Molly M.

WOW! I’m so happy I found Dr. Kenney. I was seeing another chiropractor in the area for several years, but started to feel like I wasn’t really getting the level of care that I really wanted, especially for the price. I recently decided to find a new doctor and couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch. Dr. Kenney takes the perfect approach — the adjustments feel customized to what’s best for MY body, they aren’t rushed, there’s no wait time, and the prices are transparent and very reasonable. And both Dr. Kenney and his staff have positive and friendly attitudes. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a professional and gratifying chiropractic experience!

Matt KenneyMolly M.
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John C

I have been seeing Dr. Matt Kenney on an as-needed basis for almost two years. On my first visit he took an xray and used some computer equipment to analyze my spine and find the cause of my pain. I was impressed, as I’ve known other chiropractors who just dive in and start adjusting without first seeing what’s going on inside. I was also impressed that he did NOT try to get me on a long-term treatment plan, as some others do. Instead, he advised that it may take a few treatments to get things back in place, but he left it to me to decide how often and how many until I felt better. Since then I’ve returned a few times–usually after twisting myself into a bad position, lifting more than I should, or just sitting too long at my desk. He gets me out of pain and walking upright again in one or two visits.

adminJohn C
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Jen R

I have lived with morning headaches and the need to crack my neck for several years. I have tried typical stress relief options such as massage and yoga which helped but never took the discomfort away. After meeting Dr. Kenney and hearing him explain how Chiropractic work may help I decided to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise it did. After the first session I was headache free for the first time and the need to crack my neck really went away. He explain very gently what he was going to do before doing it and explained why I was experiencing the symptoms and how he could relieve it. I am so happy I went to see Dr. Kenney he is a true professional and has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend!

adminJen R
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Laura M

We love Dr Matt Kenney!!!! He has adjusted our family for years and is amazing! He is a very gentle adjuster. My kids love to be adjusted by him and are always asking when they can go see him again. I would highly recommend Dr Matt to anyone.

adminLaura M
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Jody A

Dr. Kenney is amazing! I have tried everything possible short of back surgery for my bulging discs and spinal stenosis. I have had a handful of adjustments with Dr. Kenney and I am feeling so much better. I have been able to stop taking a prescription that was helping the pain, but had bad side effects. Dr. Kenney is so kind and caring. His style of adjusting is very gentle and extremely effective!

adminJody A
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Shirley D

This has been the best experience I have ever had with a chiropractor. The first time I went to New Body Chiropractic, I had terrible pain in my back on both sides. I didn’t have any pain at all after that. I did go back for my second session for something else. I am so pleased that I am telling every one about Dr. Kenney. They do not push you to keep coming back session after session. My one son & husband both go there and they love it, it’s also the best they have ever had.

adminShirley D
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Norm B

Dr. Kenney is an outstanding chiropractor and due to New Body Chiropractor and Wellness Center my back has been and continues to be in great shape. If you are looking for a chiropractor who knows what he is doing and whom you can trust than this is the place for you. I would also recommend Scott their massage therapist as well. This place is awesome and so is their customer service.

adminNorm B
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Nick M

I was sick of doctors telling me I needed to ‘rest’ in order to get my back healthy. I finally went to see Dr. Kenney and it literally changed my life. He spent time to figure out how to get my body into alignment and I feel brand new! It is very comforting to know I have someone to turn to when my back acts up. I repeat – LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Dr. Kenney!!!!

adminNick M
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